"You know my name..." Something to remember #story #personality #judge #judging #know #person #poster #quote #saying #sign

...you don't know me. You don't know and will never know about each and every memory, experience, friendship/relationship, I ever had. Too many to name! Especially if you weren't in my life then or if you were never around me 24/7! You don't know a thing! Maybe just little bits and pieces, but that's .0000000000009% of everything that is me. Mhmm.

Story of my life

So true

So true~


Do you feel like handing in the towel? Here are 11 inspirational quotes to help you keep moving forward.

this has to be the truth. i am so happy but sometimes, I have to cry because I try to stay strong about everything in my life. Mising my grandmas today :-(

Unfortunately the truth

So so true. So be careful with what you say, you never know what is truly hurting someone. Words can hurt but words can also heal.

Something which needs to be remembered.

spiritual inspiration


This is so true! Some people just do not understand this concept! #actlikealady #stfu #directed #ihopeyouseethis

so true.


If it's meant to be, it will be. SO TRUE AND BEAUTIFULLY SAID!!!


i should try to remember this