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  • Ron Forbes

    Photo of firefighter David Tree who stopped to share his water bottle with an injured koala at Mirboo North after the recent wildfires that engulfed Southern Australia.

  • Michelle McKay

    A firefighter gives a Koala a drink (2009 Australian Bushfires) Whenever I see things like this, my heart just swells with love and appreciation for people who care for others as much as this man did.

  • Madeline Victoria

    i clearly have a soft spot for animals in natural disasters lol - A firefighter gives a Koala a drink (2009 Australian Bushfires)

  • Erika Kaisersot Design

    Amazing wildlife - Koala Bear photo #koalas A firefighter gives a Koala a drink (2009 Australian Bushfires)

  • Poodle Boudoir

    A koala drinks water from the hand of the firefighter David Tree, in one of several bushfires that devastated much of forests and rural towns in Australia in 2009, due to a great heat wave, a phenomenon that became known as "Black Saturday bushfires." The koala, known as Sam, was taken to the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter, but unfortunately did not survive and died a few days later; the picture, however, is immortalized as a symbol of affection.

  • Marti Thomas

    firefighter gives a koala a drink after a forest fire

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