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craquelado técnicas diversas para craquelado grande, pequeño, suave y con esponja

Crackle Technique - Sculpey base, copper paint, Kroma Crackle, dry for 24 hours ( it changes from clear to white), drop alcohol inks on felt, spritz with alcohol so that they bleed through the felt. Let dry 30 minutes or until the colors start to show, cut pendant shape, place on curved glass for baking. Make Sculpey back. Bake again. Put back and bale on. Baka again. Put Sculpey glaze on it.

TUTORIAL. LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES! this one uses metal clay. Create a "negative" using organic materials (this one uses Dill) on sculpey. "Positive" could be done with air dry clay and embossing powders.

Tecnica Pasta Polimerica: Stencil e Foglia Oro - Polymer Clay Tecnicque: Stencil and Metal Leaf - YouTube

mold making - best tutorials ever

FREE TUTORIAL: How to Cover a Glass Ball with Square Cane Slices by Polymer Clay Workshop's Meg Newberg.

FREE TUTORIAL: how to make a pendant using polymer clay as a base, decorate with dry flower and cover the surface with resin.

FREE TUTORIAL: French tute with photos. How to skinner blend an ombre effect on a textured sheet of polymer clay.

FREE POLYMER CLAY TUTORIAL: Spotty Pendant - Lots of pictures but translate if you need to. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

FREE POLYMER CLAY EXTRUDER TUTORIAL - My Viral Spiral necklace made with Makin's Clay. FUN, FAST and EASY!

FREE POLYMER CLAY TUTORIAL: Moon Rocks polymer clay mokume gane bracelet tutorial. Image is step 12 of 20 steps. By Syndee Holt.

Chevron polymer clay tutorial by Jana Honnerova - to buy from her website

FREE TUTORIAL: polymer clay caning for pendant, earrings etc.

Video: Radial Marking tool by Barbara McGuire with BRPCG. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

Amy Koranek on Polymer Clay Daily link leads to a tutorial video

Mini-Tutorial Pixelated Retro Cane Bettina Welker Style

Nice cane no tutorial but should not be hard to recreate - starts with a skinner blend.

Polycat's Cup bead from cane - #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

▶ Polymer clay tutorial: Spring colored mosaic earrings / オーブン樹脂粘土で作る春色モザイクピアス - YouTube

The best free butterfly wing cane tutorial I've found yet: DIY Butterflies - Polymer Clay Cane - YouTube

Foto-Video Tutorial de la técnica de Bargello versionada a degradado de varios colores. Al final se muestran las piezas hechas con esta técnica, aunque da mucho juego. Si tenéis dudas, no tenéis más que escribirme a: info@paragustos-l... ------------------------------------------------------ Music/Música: Dolce Vita, Auquid.

Quilt cane

Tutorial for making a cool, abstract, multi-colored cane. The website's not in English, but you can figure it out from the photos.

Uses a jigsaw shaped die from cz-extruder. The dies will fit makins & Walnut Hallow extruders. some of the dies can be purchased from Clay around in the UK, but they don't have set 6 which the jigsaw die is in