Tanning season, are you here yet?!?!

Essie - "Short Shorts" For summer!...

Essie Nail Polishes I want all of these polishes!!

Serum No 5 Nail Polish Swatch- Real Glow in dark polish... :) - Click image to find more nail art posts

Love This Color!

Essie Tour De Finance is lovely hot pink with purple blue shimmer. I needed two coats, and it’s that typical hot pink with blue flash that pretty much every single brand has some variation of. I still love it. I think it’s hot hot hot.

Essie Bermuda Shorts

Essie- Lapiz of Luxury

Essie- Pound Cake. I have been looking for a great neutral color!

{ essie, bikini so teeny }

"I juggle . . . men" opi (just clear barely there sparkles)


Smokin Hot by Essie.

Coral and gold


Essie A Crewed Interest

Essie neon

Love Bright nails!

Hot pink LOVE