Great writing idea

Teaching students to "show" in their writing.

Encourage descriptive writing with alternatives for "said"

Does your sentence have swag?

Inferring Charts and Lessons

My Reading Stamina Anchor Chart (Created with the children during the second week of school.) Creating Readers and Writers Blog Post

~Zeek's Zoo~: Writing Posters

Love this reminder for students to write longer sentences!

Expanding a sentence!

I'm Flipping over Flip Books! 5 different flip books that can be used for writing a story or responding to a book! PERFECT for open ended center activity or writer's workhop!!!

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“Show, Not Tell” poster for revising writing and adding more detail. Could give students an emotion and they have to write 1-2 sentences showing that emotion. Could do it Lightning fast as possible.****OR kids show emotion without words, and teacher puts it into words

Revise vs Edit

I saw this posted in education, but makes me smile because I still remember all 23 helping verbs from my 6th grade English class. Mrs. Rosin told us we had to memorize them and that we would know them for life and well, she was right!

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Persuasive Sentence Stems