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  • Moria Kats

    craft sticks doll house -this one got the tutorial

  • MingyanLu {}

    Popsicle Stick Doll House - Homemade Popsicle Stick House Designs,,

  • Dorina Sos

    Almost Unschoolers basswood and popsicle stick doll house, Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

  • Kathy Allen

    Popsicle stick houses! A fantastic kid craft and loads of fun for little hands!

  • Kellie Lambert

    popsicle stick little house

  • Marianne

    Almost Unschoolers: Basswood and Popsicle Stick Doll House (Man of the House Style)

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DIY Popsicle Stick House... Maybe I could make it into a stable for my little ponies? (Good thing Christmas is a while away... Plenty of time to work it out)

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Reciclando en la Escuela popsicle stick houses Houses made from popsicles!

Mandy would like this: popsicle stick bracelets: boil in water for 15 minutes then place in cup to dry~this is cool!

I had my students do a popsicle project... I think I'll show them this so that they get motivated to make something awesome!

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Ijsjes eten zijn nergens goed voor? Wel, bekijk dan maar eens de volgende knutselopdracht. Met gerecycleerde magnumstokjes creëer je zomaar uit het niets een prachtige villa met al dan niet een zwembad eraan gekoppeld. Een ideale opdracht binnen het WERO-thema: 'Wonen'.

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Such a clever game! My kid has no idea how to count money, ugh!