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States of Matter Lessons

States of Matter in a Baggie. I would use this activity to teach my students the science of the states of matter. With this hands on activity they will be able to have a visual representation of a difficult concept.

states of matter foldable...I did this with my 5th grade worked out really well.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases- Cool song to teach your students to help them remember the properties of each state of matter.

The dancing raisins experiment is a fun and simple way to teach kids about gas, density, and states of matter. Plus, it's super amazing to watch! || Gift of Curiosity


Elementary Matters: Flat Stanley, Revisited Includes ideas and a Freebie letter to families if you want to do a Flat Stanley adventure

State of matter

Scientific Method

This would be a beneficial activity for our lesson plan because it describes the atom spacing for each state of matter. This goes with our science part of the lesson, which will then build up to how money is made and the different states of matter it goes through.

Cycle 2 CC Week 13 - States of Matter Project and Experiments! Check it out at www.solagratiamom.com!

solids, liquids, and gases plus more great science stuff!!!

Free Science Notebooking 2nd grade downloads

Paper Bag Books

States of Matter - Solid, Liquid, Gases. Interesting Animated Lesson For Children - YouTube

states of matter flip book

Matter Song - awesome for Ontario Grade 5 Matter unit! Printable lyrics and a song/beat this age group would enjoy!

You Tube video on states of matter. The First Grade Best Blogspot also has 2 other links for states of matter activities.

Unit on states of matter & changing matter!

Here's a simple fact sheet on changing states of matter. Includes a helpful glossary.