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  • Andrea

    Grandparent gift idea -- kids' feet & hands {christmas} rug

  • Siobhan

    Super Cute Grandparent Gift - Kids feet and hands Christmas Rug YEAH! My first Christmas post...I can't tell you how excited I am. Do any of you have problems at Christmas thinking of unique gifts for Grandparents from your kids? I struggle every year with this. So I thought I would share my absolute favorite gift I have made with my kids for their grandparents. I love using hand and foot prints for crafts as you can see how the kids have grown over the years, so that year I decided to use both hands and feet to make a small rug for the grandparents. (The rug in the picture above was not 100% done, I put scarves on the snowmen and I wrote Merry Christmas on the top of some of them. I wasn't planning on posting them on a blog when I made them :) ) Materials: Small area rug with a low 'pile' texture Permanent fabric paint in white, green, black and various accent colors Painters tape Children who will listen (the listening part is not mandatory :) ) Method: I used a small mat with a low pile or texture to it. If the pile is too high, this won't work. You can find mats at Walmart for $3 (the one I used I got at Walmart for $15) or even go to a Carpet store to see if they sell the sample colors. I taped the border of the rug with painters tape so I didn't have to worry about paint getting on the outer edge. I painted both of my kids feet white with permanent fabric paint and then lifted them up and put both feet down at the same time on the rug to make the snowman. Your kids toes will be the bottom of the snowman and the heel is the head. Push down on the foot (not to hurt them) to make sure as much paint comes off as possible. My son requested some of the snowmen do hand stands so some snowmen were upside down. Do you see how flat my son's feet are? You can see the arches in my daughter's snowmen but my son's look like little bricks :) So cute! I did the same with their hands and green paint to make the trees. If the paint on the snowman or tree is a little light (i.e. not enough ends up on the rug), just dip your finger in the paint and dab it on the rug to darken the color) I then add a little bit of extras (e.g. scarves, hats, arms, lights and star on the tree, etc.) to the rug. The cost for this can be really low. If you get a mat for $3 and the paint is around $1 each color (it goes a long way) you can do both sets of grandparents for around $10!! I gave these to grandparents, aunts and friends. My kids had a great time and I think the recipients love that these gifts come out once a year for a couple of months and then get packed away. Let me know what you think.

  • Cyndi Petersen

    Cute Grandparents gift idea: Rug with kids' hand and footprints! For NALC

  • Jackie Watson

    Super Cute Grandparent Gift - Kids feet and hand prints

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