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    Sadly, there is an exception for Homeschool.

    • Brittany Anderson

      Although I'm not sure about like middle school or high school, I do know that in college, if the professor isn't there within 15 minutes, you are free to leave. :) <<<< Its only in college

    • Gracie Hunsel

      WHAT WILL I DO WITH THIS INFORMATION? PROBABLY CHECKING THE CLOCK FOR 15 MINUTES TO PASS EVERY TIME THE TEACHER IS LATE. Man, they probably just didn't want us to know this so we wouldn't leave. Huh, the things we don't know.

    • Kristy

      Luckily every college teacher I have ever had all ready knows this and tells us it is ok to leave after 15 minutes anyways!

    • J.J. Montgomery

      My favorite. My jazz band teacher is always late so sometimes the whole jazz band goes to Starbucks if he's 15 minutes late.

    • Alys Brangwin

      Where I went to college, it was more variable. It's 5 minutes for adjunct instructors, 10 minutes for adjunct professors, 15 minutes for full professors, 20 minutes for the head of any department.

    • Leah

      In college it's 20 minutes . But if you are a dedicated student you be concerned about your teacher.

    • Ayla Morehouse

      This is funny because we learned this in orchestra. We all decided to sit in a circle and wait for our teacher, and when he came we would stare at him and say "where have you been?" At the same time. We did as planned, perfectly, and his response was: " ya' know, you could've left after 15 minutes."<---- another pinner

    • Emily Kinney

      Whenever the teacher isn't there when the bell rings, we always say "Just wait 15 minutes!" and then they show up.

    • Meg Moretti

      We had a sub that didnt show so the class clowns taught us

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    SO TRUE! haha!

    In response to earlier comment below, I am so thankful to have attended school when my teachers had the time and freedom to tech me such nice learning tricks. No state or federal mandate = better education! i never realized this! always used the finger trick!

    holy crap...

    Student Of The Year

    if i was a teacher i would do this just to make myself laugh.

    If "Cosplay Day" were a thing, in high schools, how would you establish/enforce an appropriate dress code? BEST IDEA EVER!!!!

    School and Teachers... The kids who do there homework and WANT to check it over.... wasn't always me

    I understand that this can be seen in different ways, but to me it just sounds like the creepiest pickup line ever.

    That is the best punishment ever!

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    OMG!!!! Haha

    Practical is my next mission....