Sadly, there is an exception for Homeschool.

Student Of The Year

took me a second to get it

Mind. Blown... My math teachers actually never taught me this, but when I was in 3rd grade, one of the older kids did teach it to me! :D


This just distracted me for like 15 minutes...hahaha! What you do when you are trying to avoid work!

Sorry I'm Late


Teenager posts

☼ nσt єvєn thє ѕun cαn ѕhínє αѕ вríght αѕ чσu ☼

This is me 95% of the time...It's crazy how accurate this is though

This is the truest pin, I have ever pinned!

When they knew no one actually prepares for class. | 21 Times Tumblr Totally Knew What You Were Going Through At School

every time..

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