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cabbage patch dolls!

Cabbage Patch Kids. Probably my favorite childhood toy. I played with them from ages 6 to 10, and never gave any of them away!

Loved my Cabbage Patch dolls!!! (This site has all kinds of great 80s toys!!) Wow, I'm getting old!!!

cabbage patch kids #memories #80s #toys. Mckenna played with mine and now Bella does as well.

80's toys. Cabbage Patch Dolls. I didn't own one but the world went crazy for these.

80s Toys – Cabbage patch Kids Re-cap of totally fabulous toys from the 80s

Cabage Patch Dolls- I sure have had my share of these! Tessa

When you’re talking about hot 80s toys, you can’t leave out Cabbage Patch Kids. No other toy in history was fought over as much as those cute-yet-ugly little dolls we were all dying to own. Yes, those who lived through the Cabbage Patch wars scoff at the mild skirmishes that broke out over Elmo and Furby. Come on people! Mothers BLED over Cabbage Patch dolls. They kicked, they scratched and they LITERALLY BIT each other. There are still newspaper copies lying around somewhere to prove it. If you want to talk about hot 80s toys, Cabbage Patch dolls are it. Unfortunately, most of the Cabbage Patch dolls left over from the 80s aren’t worth more than ten or twenty dollars each unless they’re the very first versions of the dolls.

Cabbage Patch Kids... my-childhood-memories

toys of the 80s

#children #toys #kids #vintage #1980's #80's #pound puppies

pound puppies my sister loved this dogs! brings back childhood memories

Pound Puppies 80s toys

#children #toys #kids #vintage #1980's #80's #pound puppies Click here to download cash register #fisher_price #vintage Click here to download Cartoon Click here to download

#children #toys #kids #vintage #1980's #80's #pound puppies Too funny 5th birthday Tinker Toys

The "old days" library cards, take a good look children now a days you just scan barcodes 90s childhood This I had I think in the 80s! #children #toys #kids #vintage #1980's #80's #pound puppies

#children #toys #kids #vintage #1980's #80's #pound puppies Top 40 with Casey Kasem Yes, I ate paste.... Corn Popper .

not sure what this is..but I like it. Gold locket with the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette: British Museum fav 80's toys #children #toys #kids #vintage #1980's #80's #pound puppies

Saturday morning cartoons at the movies. omg this was my favorite when i was little #children #toys #kids #vintage #1980's #80's #pound puppies

had one of these cute things...

Why doesn't Holly Hobbie come back? I had everything Holly Hobbie! Lunchbox, bedspread, rug, curtains...

Holly Hobbie lunchbox. Gramma always used to have coloring books of these that I would color in. @Brittany McPherson

I think this might've been my first lunchbox set.

Holly Hobbie first lunch box

My lunch box in elementary school! LOL

holly first grade lunchbox

Old metal lunch boxes with thermos.

Had this exact lunchbox!

Metal lunchbox

80's Toys

Care bears! I loved these when I was little. These and other toys of the 80's here! Take a trip down memory lane...

Care Bears: I had all of the original carebears, including Gramma and the two babies. I think there were 15. :)

80's Care Bears. I have Tender Heart, Funshine, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, and a small Wish Bear. Plus several others.

Stroll Down Your Past With the Greatest Christmas Presents of the 90's...

the only plush care bear I had was Sunshine Bear, the yellow one (still have)

I still love the Care Bears! Cheer Bear is my fave!

Care Bears - Sunshine Bear is my favorite!

Care Bears - Childhood Memories

#1980's Toys

I LOVE THE ’80S TOYS: Classic toys from the 1980s have undergone 21st-century makeovers. Cabbage Patch Kids are now more hip and often feature dolls with skateboards instead of skates. The new Transformers, below, have a modern design flair and transform into cars of today.

Cabbage Patch Kids.... Remember standing in line in winter for store to open so my daughter could get the doll she wanted from SANTA !!!!! LOL

cabbage patch dolls 80's | makeovers. Cabbage Patch Kids are now more hip and often feature dolls ...

Still have her...she looks pathetic now though. After being in my Mom's attic for 20+ years I am debating if it is even safe to give her to my daughter:(

cabbage patch kid. My one, Alice, had a blue out fit. She lives under my stairs, can't get rid of her

cabbage patch kid What I loved about these was the way their heads smelled. Seriously.

Loved cabbage patch. Always looked for one with my birthday

Classic Toys from the 80's for kids Cabbage Patch Kids

1980s toys - Google Search

80's cabbage patch

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage Fisher Price Farm


Remember, the barn doors would "moo" when you opened them? One of my favorite toys... Kristel and Derek had these, it was fun to play with

old fisher price farm- the barn would "moo" when you opened the doors. The little chickens were my favorite :)

Vintage Fisher Price farm set. Yea! Cow, Horse, Brown Dog, Black Pig, Brown & White Chickens, Lamb, Fencing, Water Trough, Harness for the Horse or Cow to pull the Cart, Tractor & Cart. Barn Doors moo'd when opened. Silo opened for storage, fence or people & animals but not both.

old fisher price farm....the barn door mooed when you opened it

old fisher price toys. Loved the barn door sound!

such wonderful childhood memories!!!

: Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Vintage toy farm

childhood toys


‘Remember When’ Sunday

Troll dolls

Troll dolls...I had one with orange hair and it had clothes dressed as Batman. I also had a few really small ones that came from gum machines.

troll dolls, everyone took them to school..EVERYONE--And usually you had more than just ONE! ;o)

treasure troll Who didn't love troll dolls in the 60s?

Troll Doll. Had one of these (with pink hair!)

Troll dolls - had dozens of these in all sizes

Lucky troll doll, mine had orange hair.

I wanted to collect trolls


I remember trolls

Fotologfrom Fotolog

Barbie 80s - barbie_80s

The 80's

Barbie...I had the "peaches and cream barbie" in the peach dress and the "Loving you" barbie in the red hearts dress...oh the memories!!

Barbies from the 80s how they have changed! blast-from-the-past-childhood-memories. Yes girl, yes girl, I had Crystal Barbie.

1980s Barbie - I had the second one from left. The stars glowed in the dark. I still have her <3 and the one to the far right!!!

The one on the right is crystal Barbie. The one in the middle is magic moves Barbie.I had all these. I also had all American Barbie and so many others I don't know the names to. I love barbies with all the shoes, purses etc. and of course ken and skipper. awesome toys. Glad they're still going strong. Leave Barbie alone political police!

So I had the one in peach dress, the pink star dress, and the red heart dress. Still have them somewhere.

Beaches N' Cream Barbie, Dream Glow Barbie, ?, Loving You Barbie and Crystal Barbie - 80's Barbies

80s Barbies! I think I had all of these!

Barbies in 90's

1980s Barbie Dolls | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I had the preemie and the baby cabbage patch kids. Loved their bald heads and soothers.

cabbage patch kids. Loved their bald heads and soothers.

I had the regular cabbage patch kids& pony

Cabbage patch kids, loved them

Cabbage Patch Kids - Preemies

Cm kids

80's toys

80's Ninja Turtles: My little brother had that. He played lot when he was young. Beloved 80s #80s #child #toys #memories #childhood #nostalgia

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comic based) action figures - Another Pop Culture Collectible Review by Michael Crawford, Captain Toy : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Action Figures Box Set of 4 : Toys & Games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic action figures by NECA

80's toys played with my brothers all the time

80's toys had like 4 different sets =]

80's Ninja Turtles: beastmode toys

These are The Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures Ever Made

Smurfs you remember how grandma had these lined up on the shelf in her kitchen? ask mom about it!! Looking for Smurfs gifts?

Smurf figurines, me & my cousin would play in her backyard woods allll day long we had a whole village set up.

Totally used to collect these Smurfs figurines! Still have a few, added them to the new McD's ones!

Smurf Figurines - Had these when I was a kid don't know what happened to them

Smurf figurines- I had a ton of these, don't know what happened to them.

Smurf Figurines - i collect these for my dad now

Smurf Figurines - had a couple of these.

Smurfs...what's old is new again!

Smurfs <3 Azrael <3

Bonnie's Blogfrom Bonnie's Blog

Blog Post #13: Updating 80s Cartoons: Rainbow Brite

12. Best 80's Toy #KickinItAppleCheeks

WOW! Ive been using this new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! I lost like 26 pounds,Check out the image to see the website, Rainbow Bright dolls!

I remember the Christmas my Rainbow Bright doll was under the tree..Rainbow Bright dolls!

Rainbow Bright dolls! I loved my rainbow brights and sprites..

Rainbow Brite and Twink dolls - Childhood memories

12. Best 80's Toy - LOVED my Rainbow Brite doll!!

Rainbow Brite...My favorite Doll ever

Rainbow Brite - 80's & 90's

Rainbow Bright dolls! :)

From the last post, I kept remembering... These were my favorites as I grew a bit: Four of my favorite things in one place. Care Bears My Little Ponies Strawberry Shortcake and friends Rose Petal and friends Barbie was great, but Jem and the Holograms = AWESOME. I still have my Jem, Raja, and Kimber dolls. (When I was little, I wanted to change my name to Kimber.) Pogo Ball...mine was a silver ball with black platform. Rainbow Bright...See the shining light... Debbie Mildred was my first. Bo Jackson, Octavia Odessa, and Egberta Alvina completed my Cabbage Patch family. Egberta? Really Xavier? You must have been running out of "one of a kind" names. I had dozens of these. They were so fun to trade with friends. Gwenyth WILL have this game. I was so jealous of friends that had this game. Coolest way to learn ever. I had the math one. I had plenty of reels, but my favorite was the stills from Michael Jackson's Thriller video. No words need to be said about the next toy.  My neighbor friend had this Night Rider one. I had the Smurf. Best part of the Big Wheel experience: "spin outs." What were some of your favorite childhood toys?

The Berryfrom The Berry

Growing up in the 80s & 90s had some major perks (30 photos)

Oh the 80's...

Garbage Pail Kids. The gross-out trading cards parodying the Cabbage Patch Kids. These were super popular in the 80's when I was a kid. I had all of the ones pictured here, among many others.

OMG...Garbage Pale Kids Cards!!! I sooo remember being unusually obsessed with these cards. They would always come in these lil foil packages & I'm pretty sure I had every single card that existed...I wonder what ever happened to all ny cards??!!

I miss the 80's. Had a bunch of these garbage pail kids. Some of them were downright disgusting. I loved it!

Haha i was so into these gross things....Remember collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards in the 80's.....

Haha i was so into these gross them from the ice cream truck!!Remember collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards in the 80's.....

!Remember collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards in the 80's.....

Loved the Garbage Pail Kids! #90s #90skid #GarbagePailKids


Growing up in the 1980s! From toys, tv, music, candy and fads, take a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

Strawberry Shortcake

Awesome Toys From The 70's And 80's... Strawberry shortcake and friends. Had fun names like blueberry muffin. - Strawberry Shortcake, my grandmother gave me a strawberry shortcake doll for my 11th birthday. Still have it. and it still smells nice after 29 years

The original Strawberry Shortcake Dolls were amazing! Between my sister and I we had 8 of them. I still have quite a few and they still smell good, too! Huckleberry Finn isn't here, though. And there were some baby twins we had, also.

Strawberry Shortcake! My all-time favorite toy/doll. I started collecting them in the very early 80's. Every birthday or Christmas, I would ask for a new doll. In the 90's they were placed into storage. A few years ago I got them back out and cleaned them up. They are in great shape for being over 30 years old. I still get so much enjoyment from receiving a "new" doll. My hubby even got me the Berry Happy Home for Christmas this year!

Mint Tulip and Marsh Mallard. Raspberry Tart and Rhubarb monkey. Crepe Suzette and french poodle Eclair. Orange Blossom and Marmalade butterfly. Lime Chiffon and Parfait parrot. Lemon Meringue and Frappe frog. Blueberry Muffin and Cheesecake mouse. Angel Cake and Souffle skunk. Cafe Ole and Burrito burro. Apple Dumpling and Teatime turtle. Butter Cookie and Jelly Bear. Strawberry Shortcake (Custard cat). Apricot and Hopsalot bunny. Cherry Cuddler and Gooseberry goose.

Original strawberry shortcake dolls. Apple Dumpling and Apricot were my favs!

Original Strawberry Shortcake dolls released between 1979-1980

Strawberry Shortcake & Friends!

Childhood memories :)

Strawberry Shortcake '80's

I never played with Strawberry Shortcake dolls, collected them and sat around sniffing the heads all day long. I was addicted to the pear girl.

Strawberry Shortcake Doll - 80s Toys and Games, Dolls and Figures | Stuff from the 80s

The original Strawberry Shortcake...Tam's 1st birthday cake!!!

original strawberry shortcake = Childhood memories

original strawberry shortcake smelled so yummy!

Strawberry shortcake...loved how she smelled!

Vintage~ Original Strawberry Shortcake Doll

Strawberry Shortcake.....memories

I was at Toys 'R Us the other day, and look who I saw...the original Strawberry Shortcake doll! She was in a box with her friends Raspberry Tart and Orange Blossom celebrating their 30th birthday. I was so tempted to buy them, but as I had all 3 of them as a child I couldn't bring myself to buy them again. But oh, how I loved all of my Strawberry Shortcake dollies back in the day. She has changed her look through the years and I thought you might enjoy a little fashion show. She was originally drawn by Muriel Fahrion for American Greetings. She became so popular that Kenner manufactured her as a doll with all of her friends. In 1991 THQ redesigned her. I think I remember seeing her at the toy store when I was a teenager, thinking that she was cuter than the version I had. In 2002, Bandai took over and I was thrilled as that was the year my own daughter was born, and I couldn't wait for her to be big enough to play with the dolls. By the time she was big enough to play with them (2006), Playmates Toys had taken over and these are the dolls my daughter has. Last year, Hasbro took over and the new dolls are super cute! *Not only did I love Strawberry Shortcake as a kid, but of course Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Poochie, My Little Pony, and lots more! It's so fun to have a daughter to get to play dolls with. I love all of her dollies too- the Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends, Snap 'n Style Dolls, Yummi-Land Dolls, Littlest Pet Shop, Hello Kitty, and lots more too! *I did design my own line of dolls back in 2005. I have an entire portfolio of sketches and my first story written about them to prove it- ha ha! But, the portfolio is sitting on the shelf waiting for the day when I can work in the Toy Industry- sigh! I haven't given up my dreams though yet. Long live cute dollies!!

Baby Alive

Baby sister had it... a doll that really peed was just the greatest thing ever back then.

Baby Alive...The Ultimate Baby Doll. My dream come true to have a doll that peed and pooped! My favorite.

Baby Alive, you would feed her baby food. Which we later found out that the food would stay in the stomach and mold.

Baby Alive! My sister and I would feed her without her diaper on to see how quick she would poop. Sick little kids.

Baby Alive i wanted one but my mom said it was too messy and that i had a brother and he was a baby and he was alive so i didnt need a "pretend alive doll"

Baby Alive! I had to have one, but my mom wouldn't let me give her the baby food :(

Baby Alive ~ One of my all time favorite dolls!!

Baby Alive - Loved her...had two!

Baby Alive Doll

lite brite--1967....had this loved it

Lite-Brite #retrotoy #vintagetoy #SocialMedia #Marketing #DDWInc #DynamicDesignworks For social networking tips, tricks and news friend us on Facebook

One of my favorite toys from the 70's...but i was an 80's/90s child I had one of these!!! :)

My daughter's Lite Brite just isn't the same as the one I had in the 70's-80's.

lite brite, 80's bad it was my fav in late 80's to early 90's lol :) toys from the 70's and 80's

Childhood Memories / lite brite, 80

Loved the smell of new crayolas Lite Brite Hair ribbons from the 70's. Everyone had & wore these in every color. Saturday Morning Cartoons Rocked!! What every little girl of the 80's wanted.

A trip down memory lane: your favorite toys from the 80's and 90's

Let's have another stroll down memory lane...childhood toys! I was born in 1965, so my memories would be toys from the 70's. I loved... View Master Etch-a-Sketch GI Joe Camper...I know Gi Joe? My dad was in the army. I did have a Barbie in the camper too! Lite Brite Slinky Spirograph Simon Mr Potato Head...with the real potato What are some of your favorite childhood toys or memories with them? I love reading posts like these, especially from other parts of the world. All our similar memories really make the world a smaller place. Happy memories, ~Karen~

Cabbage Patch preemies

Cabbage Patch preemies...Mine was named "Dorthea Trina" on her birth certificate, but I changed her name to "Samantha Marie".

i love their binkies. One of my friends got twins and I was so jealous.

Cabbage Patch preemies <div class="pinSocialMeta"> <a class="socialItem" href="/pin/2885187237529713/repins/"> <em class="repinIconSmall"></em> <em class="socialMetaCount repinCountSmall"> 463 </em> </a> <a class="socialItem likes" href="/pin/2885187237529713/likes/"> <em class="likeIconSmall"></em> <em class="socialMetaCount likeCountSmall"> 34 </em> </a>

Cabbage Patch preemies This is the one I had!! Still have her!!

Cabbage Patch preemies-had one with a tuft of blonde hair.

Cabbage Patch preemies - still have mine from the 80s!

Cabbage Patch #preemies #cabbagepatch #1980s

Cabbage Patch dolls loved mine

Cabbage Patch Kid Preemies


Glow Worms! Vintage toy from the 1980's that light up! Littlest ones - cute, I never had the big one

THE hot toy of 1982 - Glo Worm!! Glo Worm was a stuffed worm that glowed in the dark when you squeezed it. Click here for more info on all the #80s toys you remember:

Remember the glo worm emilee?? haha. 80s Toys – a Re-cap of totally fabulous toys from the 80s

YO YO YO ITS GLOW WORM.. 80s Toys – a Re-cap of totally fabulous toys from the 80s

80s Toys- Glow worm, ha I had the purple one with the light green hat lol... cool!

80s Toys – a Re-cap of totally fabulous toys from the 80s _ Glo Worms

Glo worms!! I still have my glowworm! i will never get rid of it.

Glow Worms! Vintage toy from the 1980's that light up!


80's happy meal toys at MacDonald's I had these!

Muppet Babies McDonald's Happy Meal toys of the 1980's. I used to have all of them...wish I still did!

Muppet Babies Happy Meal Toys from the 1980's, photo by Ursula Erdbeer/creative |

Muppet Babies McDonald's Happy Meal toys of the 1980's. I still have all mine in a box in my mom's attic.

1980's muppet babies happy meal #baby product #baby toy #children toy|

1980's muppet babies happy meal! I still have mine #baby product #children toy #kid toy #baby toy

Muppet Babies Happy Meal Toys from the 1980's, photo by Ursula Erdbeer/creative #cartoon

Muppet Babies Happy Meal Toys from the 1980's | Childhood Memories

Muppet Babies McDonald's Happy Meal toys of the 1980's.

Walk Down Memory Lane with 80s Toys - 7 on a Shoestring Muppet Babies Toys Saturday morning cartoons... Brings back mixtape memories // Vintage Boom Box 1980's Tape Player.

80's toys for girls | miscellaneous 80's toys a2 girl talk date line sparklefists •

I so had this game!! 80's toys for girls | miscellaneous 80's toys a2 girl talk date line sparklefists •

OMG, i remember this "game" 80's toys for girls | miscellaneous 80's toys a2 girl talk date line •

80's toys for girls | miscellaneous 80's toys a2 girl talk date line sparklefists • I had this game

80's toys for girls...girl talk date line. I need this NOW! Lol

80's toys for girls #kid toy #children toy #baby product

80's toys a2 girl talk date line sparklefists •

miscellaneous 80's toys a2 girl talk date line

80's toys for girls | miscellaneous 80's toys

80's toys for girls girl |talk date line