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DoorBot Lets You Answer Your Door With a Smartphone or Tablet

When someone is at the door, the Doorbot sends video and audio of the person to your phone. You can then open the door with the press of a button.

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Capture 360-Degree HD Video With This Tiny UFO-Style Camera

Centr produz vídeos de 360 graus com qualidade

Power of #Nanotech #technology #innovation -- Video will Blow Your Mind


Galileo Robotic iPhone Dock Lets You Pan and Tilt Video Chats Remotely

Galileo Robotic iPhone Dock

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Looxcie Lx2 | Wearable Video Cam

LOOXCIE LX2 | WEARABLE VIDEO CAM | #iPhone #app #cam

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Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’ transforms any room into a giant Xbox game

RoomAlive: la stanza di casa diventa un videogame

#VIRTUALREALITY -- My 90 year old #grandmother tries the #Oculus Rift.

from Engadget

The Onewheel self-balancing, single-wheeled skateboard comes to CES, we take it for a spin (video)

It's hard not to do a double-take when first laying eyes on the Onewheel. After all, it is a single-wheeled skateboard that uses an electric motor, accelerome...

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The Dot iPhone Panorama Lens

The Dot iPhone Panorama Lens uses the magic of mirrors to shoot 360-degree video. Whether you’re at a concert, game or monster truck rally, this lens captures all the action all at once. Just place it over the back of your phone the same way you'd put on a case.