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Daria at her best... For once, I'm not insulted when somebody tells me I remind them of Daria. This is totally something I would do

from EsLaModa

15 Tutoriales para hacer tus propios cuernos de Maléfica

Maléfica <--- je ne parle un beucoup Français (i probably just misspelled that), mais je lire later...? I give up my french sucks but maybe someday I'll be able to read this/just follow the picture instructions. pin now, read later if ever comes in handy

Pizza My Heart 2005 is a RomCom adapted from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Two rival family's pizza restaurants battle in the neighborhood for best pizza. One day Gina P. falls for Joe M. and the two families refuse to accept it. You know what happens next. Yes its corny, silly & maybe not that well acted but it still manages to tell a sweet and innocent story about following your heart, passion & having respect and love for your family. Not bad things to emulate & strive for. Check it…

I'm saying this to everyone from now on lol

from Entrepreneur

Why Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs Now

Think outside the box #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #innovation

You're never going to make friends if you keep your nose buried in a book.... Let's hope.

i dont like to smile unless i have a reason