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  • Victoria Tow

    Naming/Reading Decimals ~This 8 slide powerpoint teaches students how to read decimals, when to say "And" in a number, and teaches them a trick for knowing place value. We all struggle with pronouncing decimals correctly and we all want to say "point". These slides help know how to say decimals correctly.

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Decimal Place Value Anchor Chart - I used this idea and edited it slightly by having the students use grid paper to create squares 10cm by 10cm. We subdivided them to drive home that the more you "cut" a shape the smaller the pieces are, something that is more abstract for students to grasp.

I'm glad I don't teach math, but I like this in case things change in the future. "Cowboy Method" for turning a fraction into a decimal. Good visual way to explain how the denominator divides into the numerator

Ordering Decimals ~ 6 slide PowerPoint giving students a brief summary of how to order decimals.

CCSS 5.NBT.3a and 5.NBT.3b This is a great tool to teach decimal place value names, reading and writing decimals, comparing numbers and expanded form vs standard. Tenths, hundredths, and thousandths are printed on separate sheets so you can copy them onto different colors and then cut the cards apart. You can create as many sets as you need. -Simone's Math Resources

Here's a set of decimal cards for use in ordering decimals and decimal computation.