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Pound 'Em Pegs

Silly Putty!

Now we have Kindles.

Barbie clothes were so cool.


Remember when bottle caps were lined in cork??

1960's dress patterns

80's huarache sandals- loved loved loved mine

$35 @ bourbon & boots free from Grandma's kitchen! Love ya' B but, really?

Sometimes your fingers would kind of stick to them when you were getting the ice out.

Doing the Hokey Pokey - that's what it's all about.

Sitting backwards in the station wagon - We always had a 9 passenger station wagon.

Night Gallery-Saturday nights

old school fun

Mr. Magoo

Madge (Palmolive commercial): "you're soaking in it!"

Classroom filmstrips

merry go round

Magic Slate

vintage playground swing ♥

Typing class, 1970s. We learned how to type all styles of letters and had speed tests with time deducted for errors.

1960s - The Time Tunnel

1950s baby car seat. We had one of these for by baby brother and sisters. Ours was green.


from my childhood