I'd love this for my writings & drawings. ♥


DIY Book! Cute craft idea, but seems VERY difficult.

I need!!

Turn your arts & crafts love into a business Handmade Leather Journal Notebook Owl Emblem Omg eventually having something like this (with a wolf or fox or something) would be amazing

Saddle Leather Journal

Book of Shadows is NEVER shared, its contents are known by only one. Spells are Never posted, sold or in any way told to anyone. To defy this is to lose any magic that may have been. The pages should look blank to those who may to glimpse it contents, for those pages are written on a true Witches heart.

Tree of Life Vintage Natural Handmade Leather / Journal / Diary / Notebook / Daily Planner / Book Cover / Refillable


Combine with Book Binding Tutorial

Little Book of Spells Treasure Box

Beautiful Handmade Journals

Miniature books… maybe the mini books could be your favorite stories, so and you can add more as you read.

A knight's journal handmade brown leather journal by dragosh, $135.00

The most incredible handmade journals ever!

Leather Journal - Autumn - BEAUTIFUL

handbound book by Александар Соларов (Aleksandar Solarov)

This recycled leather journal is perfect to keep all those awesome idea organized. Filled with 100 pages of handmade cotton paper in the inside and a peacock embossing on the front, this will last you through some amazing adventures. Materials: Recycled leather, handmade paper Color options: Natural Brown Paper is 100-percent tree-free and environmentally friendly Journal size is 5 inches wide x 7 inches long x 1 inch deep True to our mission, we only use natural, recycled materials and craft a lot of our products ethically and by hand. Our materials have natural faults and lines that make every piece unique. This means that each item has its own identity that makes it beautiful.  Note: Color discrepancies may occur between this product and your computer screen.

A handmade and hand bound journal for fabulous people. $48 #handmade #journal #water #fish #etsy #blue #teal