Halloween Bones - pretzel with marshmallows covered in white chocolate

Easy Halloween Treat: Pretzel Bones Take the guess work of out of your upcoming Halloween party with this EASY and 3 ingredient recipe for a cute Halloween treat!

chocolate caramel pretzel fingers: Ingredients: caramel, milk chocolate, slivered almonds, pretzel sticks... Melt caramel on low, dip pretzel in caramel, set on waxed paper to cool. Next, melt milk chocolate on low and dip cooled caramel pretzel stick in chocolate, apply one slivered almond to the tip. Let cool. Enjoy the creepiness!

Ghosts and Pumpkins…healthy #halloween snacks

Skeleton Bone Easy Halloween Appetizer - cream cheese shaped like a bone and pepper jelly 'guts'! So easy and clever!

POTION INGREDIENTS BAR Zombie Brains = cauliflower + green colored water • Snake Venom = rubber snakes (from Party City) + black colored water • Bone Dust = white sand • Shrunken Heads = mini styrofoam skulls (from Michaels) • Eye of Newt = canned Lychee fruit filled with maraschino cherries

S'mores Bark - Lay out Graham crackers for the crust. Spread mini marshmallows, pour melted chocolate on it, let it cool. And Voila! S'mores bark.

White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies Sounds delish!!!

Marshmallow Witch Treats {Full House Mommy}


This creepy cake is decorated with gummy worms, candy bugs, and other spooky treats. Fill a glove with marshmallows and decorate with red frosting to create the bloody hand coming out of the center of the cake.

DIY Marshmallow bunnies

So cute!

Chocolate pudding cups, crushed Oreos on top, decorate with marshmallow ghosts & other creepy candy :-)

Meatloaf hand... how cool for Halloween dinner!

Wicked Poison candy apples. Perfect for Halloween. Recipe type: Sweets, Candy, Halloween Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 25 mins Serves: 6-12 apples Ingredients 2 cups granulated sugar ¾ cups water ½ cup liquid glucose/light corn syrup few drops black gel food colouring 6 Granny Smith apples (or 12 small apples)


Halloween DIY Party Make-Up..#Halloween

White Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn

peanut butter, chocolate, salty, sweet, delicious and dangerous. these lovely little bites have got it all!