oh my goodness!!! David Tennant and Olive!!!

David Tennant visiting Georgia Moffet while she was on the set of Merlin. So sweet!!

Cause its cute The Doctor & his Daughter or David Tennant & his wife!

David Tennant. JUST LOOK AT HIM! Perfection

Click to see the gif... Just made my day! David Tennant

David Tennant and new wife, Georgia Moffet. Happy for them. And just a wee bit jealous of her. lol!

10 and Rose

Doctor Who - David Tennant

David Tennant as Ten in 50th.

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David Tennant - wanted to be the Doctor and succeeded. Also married the 5th Doctor's daughter. That's a dedicated fan.

Tennant <3

Doctor Who - Matt Smith's and David Tennant's final days as the Doctor

So do we, David. So do we.

David Tennant (the tenth doctor) meets "mini him" for the first time!! LOL. "Move over, Harry Potter."

Nine, Ten, & Eleven! I love Matt sitting there with his crazy sweater trying to make a "sexy face" and David's just chillin' there like "Am I not sexy enough for you already?" And then Christopher just looks like he's staring into your soul...

The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant

David Tennant (10th Doctor) married Georgia Moffett (the 10th Doctor’s daughter in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter”), who is the daughter of Peter Davison (5th Doctor) and they had a daughter. So the Doctor’s daughter played the Doctor’s daughter in “The Doctor’s Daughter” and then married the Doctor and had the Doctor’s daughter. I used to be bitter about him being married, but now it's ok.

If you know someone who needs a hand to hold, give them yours.If you need a hand to hold, let someone know.

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Oh David. :)