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Our own Chris Hardwick with Karen Gillan, Matt Smith & Caroline Skinner before the "Doctor Who" screening in NYC!

Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, Chris Hardwick and Caroline Skinner before the "Doctor Who" screening at the Ziegfeld Theater Saturday.

best Dr personally

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and Stephen Moffat bowl against Team Nerdist (which includes Wil Wheaton!) Matt Smith is horrible at bowling XD and Karen Gillan has no clue what she is doing and keeps on getting strikes

Omg. I love him. Rofl ♡

coolest birdhouse ever (doctor who,tardis,matt smith)

doctor who new who celebrity nerds - YouTube. I found this hilarious and perfect.

Our own Chris Hardwick discusses a very serious issue that pervades society today - people who are not yet Whovians. I LOVE CHRIS HARDWICK

Matt Smith On The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - Plus His Praise For Past Doctors | DAVID TENNANT NEWS UPDATES

The Doctor! Eleven and David Tennant; Ten) Are they going to do a show with both of them?Can they since 11 actually is ten, just in a different shape?

Never apply logic to ‘Who’ doctah-wholigan:  My response to any nonwhovian’s question.

From the Timelord's archive. The Anniversary of the Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.

мэтт смит - Поиск в Google

On Saturday May after the last episode of Season 7 aired, the BBC released a Behind the Scenes video with David Tennant and Matt Smith. The two discussed what is its like to be known as The Doctor.

Rory that is such a disappointed father look

How amazing would that be if just one time in a doctor who episode where Rory said to river, "young lady!" Or something dad like!