How to handle knit and crochet mistakes

3 Beginner Knitting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

How to fix mistakes

Very useful information for a knitter.

How to fix all kinds of mistakes in your knitwear. Pulls, tears and holes.

Knit Fix..

Arm Knitting How-To via Flax and Twine

Cable Tips. Counting cable rows, cable flare fixes, knit fixes (usually the left most knit stitch tends to be oversized) and color coding cable charts.

provisional cast on. Knitting tip i have been trying to find for ages makes a cable pattern easier to start without the weird squishy appearance at the beginning and allows you to unravel the yarn for a seamless sew up later on Набор петель косичкой

Infant Boy's The Blueberry Hill 'Wilber Aviator' Knit

A Knitter's Guide to Fixing Mistakes

Techniques 30 years of tricks everyone should know.

If you knit or crochet, this is for you!!

How to Block Knitting - this is for any knitter who's ever wondered why their finished project doesn't sit quite right. FitzBirch Crafts


How To Tink! It’s a fact of life that if you knit, you’re eventually going to make a mistake. The trick is knowing how to fix it, because all mistakes can be fixed. Learn how to unknit and remedy a dropped stitch.

The Error of Our Ways: A Knitter's Guide to Fixing Mistakes

knitter's guide to fixing mistakes - twistcollective

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