How to handle knit and crochet mistakes

How to fix all kinds of mistakes in your knitwear. Pulls, tears and holes.

How to fix knitting mistakes

Cable Tips. Counting cable rows, cable flare fixes, knit fixes (usually the left most knit stitch tends to be oversized) and color coding cable charts.

3 Beginner Knitting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

A Knitter's Guide to Fixing Mistakes

Very useful information for a knitter.

Bindoff That Stretches Out And Snaps Back In Place And Is Also Invisible(or close to it). This is one of my favorite bind offs, it doesn't leave a ruffled effect after being stretched .

knitter's guide to fixing mistakes - twistcollective

Really clear picture of how to sew shoulders together! Lauras Loop: Knit T-Shirt - The Purl Bee - the purl bee

"Excellent site with dozens of #knitting stitches, their symbols and diagrams and text to explain how to do them. This is a great aid in chart reading! Please click on the Found On source rather than the picture to get to this informative page." #KnittingGuru **

A loop pulled through a loop pulled through a loop. The loop shown is a knit stitch BECAUSE it was pulled from the back through to the front - see how it pokes forward/up.

How to become an "expert knitter" web-book---has some great information

Fixing mistakes videos

This is a great scarf pattern for beginner knitters since not only is it easy/quick to knit with chunky yarn and big needles, but it is also made with just two basic stitches: knit and purl. It is also great for intermediate knitters who want an instant gratification project.

How to undo rows without missing stitches? by We Are Knitters | Term | Knitting / Stitches | Kollabora

Knitting Cables | How to Fix Mistakes | Knitting Daily

Hey fellow knitters!! Have you ever had to cast on hundreds of stitches and then have to do it AGAIN and AGAIN because you didn't allow enough yarn? I certainly have... Annoyo! shows you two tricks to prevent this from every happening again. (FYI, this is an awesome knitting help site.)

The Irish Mesh Stitch is a simple knitting stitch and would look great on almost any knitted project

Scrubby-O's with the Kniffty Knitter

Camel stitch ... looks like a knit stitch. This is crochet so will go fast but looks knit..