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The Craft Sessionsfrom The Craft Sessions

The secret to becoming a great knitter!

A loop pulled through a loop pulled through a loop. The loop shown is a knit stitch BECAUSE it was pulled from the back through to the front - see how it pokes forward/up.

This is the first knitting project I did (after a scarf), and still my go-to for a quick beanie. Easy to follow pattern, with a refreshing lack of knitters code.

The Craftsy Blogfrom The Craftsy Blog

How to Tink: Fixing Your Knitting Mistakes

How To Tink! It’s a fact of life that if you knit, you’re eventually going to make a mistake. The trick is knowing how to fix it, because all mistakes can be fixed. Learn how to unknit and remedy a dropped stitch.

Seagrass-Throw - This easy blanket makes a great project for a charity donation. Big needles and open stitches mean it works up in a jiffy

If you're a knitter, pin this! I just used this method for a hat and it works! JL Yarnworks: Tutorial: Jogless Join