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That unearthly sound you're hearing is the sound of your heart breaking in (at least) two pieces.

So much feels.

Harry and Sirius

Sounds about right.

3 Generations of Malfoy Men

Harry Potter


This is so sad it breaks my heart. (Oooof. All the feels!) :(

Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron Weasley <3


I liked this and wanted to share this with you all

"It takes a hero to break a promise" // Dobby's last act was breaking his promise.

Ouch feels

Harry Potter feels <---- you think who came up with this and shattered my heart into a million pieces?!?!?!

The Heart

Yeah, did you hear that boom? That was my mind exploding.

my heart

<3 HP tank.

Seriously Ron Weasley..... my heart oh my heart

My heart.