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Gymnast for 14 years, & one arm gymnast for 9 years. Never give up. ♥

people take notice when you can turn your body into a human safety pin. but the skill shown here, taken at the 92 olympics, did not put the pop chinese gymnast in the code of points.

Where ever a gymnast goes doing gymnastics is a must do and if you really love gymnastics you'll do it every where

DISCIPLINE AND EXERCISE - Once you write your story be sure to proof read it many times in order to correct any mistake and create fluidity between words. Aim to harmony. Like a gymnast. Your words should be acrobacy for the mind. And do not be worried to accept good counselling from editors and friends: but do always filter all the suggestions with your own judgment.

I feel like gymnast's are just really buff dancers that do more flips & have a different type of stage (:

secretly missing the wrist guards, grips, ankle taping, and rips.

Circus | Carnival | Masquerade | Cabaret Photography at: #gymnast

Providing muscles with extra branched chain amino acids could help protect against exercise associated muscle damage

This is the moment that everything changes. Your mind is telling you to stop right now. But your heart is saying yes. And the judges are going oh 'crap'

Personalize your virtual model, then add your current weight and goal weight....see how different you will look!