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Light My Fire Titanium Spork! To call this a spork, is to call a swiss army knife, just a knife...well, sort-of. THis spork also has a very sharp kive incoorporated into the fork. So no more of that exhausting exercise, using a spork AND A knife. This one will do it all. Although not as cheap as the plastic ones for two bucks, its made of Titanium and only $12. Who doesn't like titanium! Lightweight, carry anywhere. More enviornmetally friendly. Best spork out there.

100 Ft. of REFLECTIVE 550 paracord. #1 use: guy outs for tents and tarps or anything else that you want to be able to see at night. This stuff works. I don't know how many times we trip or almost trip over guy out lines on our camping trips. PLUS its very high-viz during the day as well. For $23 its twice as high as normal paracord but it serves a very good purpose. One hank of 100' will do most tents and rain flies. Think of it as a safety cord, trip preventer.

ChemLights on steroids. These are Mil. duty lights. 10/$17-Terrific for campsites. The red is the best for keeping night-vision as you your eyes don't adjust to the light near as much as other colors, keeping your natural eye adjustment to the dark. The 12 hour lights can be markers for paths, marking an outdoor toilet, or just a low level light to manuever your campsite at night. Prime also as you might have suspected.

Kinda self explanitory. Amazing tent stakes that wont bend on you like the stock crap they give you when you buy a tent. I HIGHLY recommend that you put some brightly colored parachord on each one of thes stakes. Especially if you purchase the black ones. I have used these and they are in a different catagory to the ones that bend all over. Great stuff! $15/8pack

Want a great lightweight can look at walmarts lights, but they tend to be heavier and more cumbersome. These Princeton's have all the features and are smaller and lighter than their walmart counterparts. $30 and Prime.

Ripstop Silk Sleeping Bag Liner. If your sleeping in a nice down bag, this silk liner will keep the down nice and clean and will also increase the warmth of your bag by about 12 degrees. Very nice to have to keep those expensive down bags like new. A bit pricey @ $70, but if you spend a couple hundred on a nice down bag, this is good insurance to keep it looking.....and smelling nice for years!

Coleman 0 degree bag....HAH!!!!Yeah, some spend more money on sleeping bags, but this one will do in most weather down into the 30 degree mark, not 0 degrees as stated but will only set you back $56. Its also on Prime from Amazon. If your looking for a decent bag, this one will not dissapoint. Sorry, it doesn't come in Pink.

Unless your B-Eric, your lantern will throw much more light with one of these. You can shop around but $12 is a steal. This stand breaks down into a small bag, about 14"x4"x2". Very nice, easy to assemble and they come in a nice carry bag as well.

Lanterns are great. More light means everything at the campground is easier. The hard case isn't necissary, but I just broke my globe b/c I didn't have a hard case and it began raining and everyone was scrambling for shelter. At this price, might as well spring for a hard case. Cheap Insurance, when a globe runs ten bucks or more. Pick this up for $45.

Dry Sacks are a great way to keep your dry stuff......well....dry. If it can't get wet, put it in one of these. The bigger the better. $24

Water resistant Suff Sacks are great for stuffing those oddly sized items together. Terrific for keeping sleeping bags/mats clothes and misc. stuff from getting wet when the only cover is a tent. $9-16 and PRIME!

Pick up some irreplacable 550 chord. This stuff comes in handy everywhere. Just don't get too attatched to it. Its made to be used. $8/100ft and PRIME.