Ciotka Kena is Polish. (Her name literally means "Ken's Aunt.") *a plus sized Barbie that DID exist and but only 24 were ever made. created by a Polish artist named Zbigniew Libera in 1994. (But she came in a full girdle?)

Brings back memories! 50 years ago I got my first Barbie doll!

End barbie

I guess they were out of the scooters... Hope to never see this in Mt. Airy Walmart!

Polish Barbie Doll $24.99

Old Age Barbie - about time!!

Does running late count as exercise?

Party Girl Barbie! #slut #barbie #drunk

This puts everything into perspective doesn't it? #humor

barbie breast necklaces

Barbie sans maquillage


Bert and Ernie; from Sesame Street // #childhood #nostalgia

Barbie and Ken Wedding Album - THIS IS HILARIOUSLY AMAZING!

So true!!

AGING - It's a GOOD thing!



visual explanation instead of telling the story a million times!