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    Ciotka Kena is Polish. (Her name literally means "Ken's Aunt.") *a plus sized Barbie that DID exist and but only 24 were ever made. created by a Polish artist named Zbigniew Libera in 1994. (But she came in a full girdle?)

    normal size Barbies

    Wow. Barbie and ken on their honeymoon #barbiegonebad


    Old Age Barbie - love it

    Walmart Barbie


    Photos of Barbi Dolls Doing Very Bad Things by Mariel Clayton (Dexter!)

    White Trash Barbie Rocks!

    Barbie Vintage pink Cupcake Dress

    Barbie and Ken's marriage in real life --Barbie girl- stiff movement waist rotation

    all-American Barbie.

    The Russian Barbie who supposedly had her ribs removed to have a smaller waist. - Valeria Lukyanova is the self-proclaimed "most famous woman on the Russian-language internet". The 21 year-old Ukrainian first made a splash in her native Ukraine and neighboring Russia a few years back with her anime-style Barbie doll looks.

    We have rounded up some strange and funny gadget that you will not believe exist.

    Barbie anatomy

    Barbie at 50+

    Wow Barbie really let herself go...

    barbie breast necklaces

    Swim together!

    Barbie Chanel Handbag

    Own it! lol