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"...Autumn leaves me breathless, what passion God has for beauty! Bold gripping flames adorn outstretched arms, as fallen remnants of sun-drenched life build a carpet of delicious treats. This landscape is a cascade of dreams for me, I can sit on a park bench and just stare for hours as she waits. Decaying beauty releases the harnessed gift of life, the sun so generously offered in summer's glory..." ~Darmok, from 'Autumn Leaves'

En riktigt fin bänk som står här alldeles ensam i höstlöven och väntar på sällskap. #Fall #Autumn #Leaves

Autumn Yellow, Poland photo via tammie "Old Friends" sat on their park bench like bookends...a newspaper blows through the grass" Simon & Garfunkle

Autumn Glow in Central park, NYC Ѽ ♥ ༻✿ڿڰۣ ♥ NYrockphotogirl ♥|#Autumn ♥ #Newyork #fall #crimson #sky #park #november.

[G]Ѽ[O]Ѽ[O]Ѽ[D]Ѽ[N]Ѽ[I]Ѽ[G]Ѽ[H]Ѽ[T]Autumn Window, East Haven, Vermont photo via kate