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Critter Sitters - loved them! I mademy slam book in a bigger size CritterSitters

The only time I could talk to my friends during class was when getting out a book from the under desk shelf.

Vintage Photo of a School Room While the Children Are Looking At Their Books As the Teacher Watches Over Them, & a Young Girl With a Suspicious Grin on Her Face

Oh this brings back memories. Please visit my Facebook page at:

Beautiful photo. Never thought I would feel nostalgic over this.. these maps look like antiques now

Music class in elementary school. I can still hear the teacher chanting " Ta Ta tee tee Ta, triple tee Ta"

Mimeograph machine - Teachers would use this to print worksheets for the class. If you were lucky, they were at your desk fresh and COLD and smelling wonderful!! Someone should have bottled that smell! --- and that purple color :)

Vintage Old School Scissors. In first grade I used these to cut my eyelashes off. Where was the teacher??? I'd love to have those lashes today.

Old School Paper Cutter. Used one many times. Ha - as a former teacher I can say a lot of public schools still have and use these!!!

remember when every classroom had a pencil sharpener like this one?

Remember these? Oh how I loved getting a new Big Chief tablet at the beginning of the school year when I was a wee one.... this is linked to a guy who is collecting all the different covers from over the years -- cool