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How To make Gunpowder With Salt and Sugar

The Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know. Because if I actually venture into the wilderness one day, with my luck, I will need this.

How to Make a Smoke Bomb with Sugar and Potassium Nitrate : FUN!!!

How To Turn Any Salt Water Into Drinking Water - living Green And Frugally #Prepper #survival #WATER

A box of salt is all you need to keep eggs for as long as you want.

How to make arrows

How to make Gunpowder

Portable phone charger made out of an altoids case, usb port, and two double A batteries.

How to Heat Your Room for 15 Cents a Day

Bear Star https://bushsmarts.com/product-Bear_Star-71-22

The many uses of salt

Tutorial for a Woven and Half-hitched Paracord Pouch - having a pouch like this would be a great add-on to an emergency kit in a backpack. It will hold small items, and unravels to be about 30 feet of paracord.

#Prepper #survival - How to make a smoke bomb. Useful for a getaway or signaling over med ranges. I forgot I knew how to do this, totally works!

dirttime.com self igniting fire starter OMG! Gotta try it!

How to Use Sugar To Heal Wounds survival medicine. sugar on wounds has come back into play after over 4,000 years. It works well and is cheap.

DIY Rocket Propellant! How to Cook Solid Rocket Fuels Using Common Household Ingredients « Mad Science

Life hacks from 100 years ago…. Water filter, light a match in the wind, and more - http://www.survivalacademy.co/

6 Strategies to Lighten Your Bug Out Bag -Posted March 31, 2014 By Creek

Women and their guns

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