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These are the principles behind the 12 steps. Alanon (for friends and family of alcoholics), among a few other t hings, saved my life. But I'm pretty sure these are good truths to live by, regardless of your situation.

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Recovering from an eating disorder.

Its a process. It takes time. The time you should be spending with friends, your spouse, other children. Waiting sucks. Trial and error sucks as well.......but change takes time.

strive for progress not perfection- Eating Disorder Recovery

No perfection is ever accomplished by any of day maybe I will stop feeling the need to be hard on myself but most likely no

Recovery is about progression, not perfection! Just keep making progress. #recovery #staystrong #inspiration

Perfection is not realistic and unfortunately we are not all born with a silver spoon and far from living in a castle. -----But with hard work..... you can expect anything in life to be beautiful

It's not about perfection; it's about progress