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Encouraging #Quotes, #Grief, Bereavement Walker Funeral Home Cincinnati, OH

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Today is my dad's birthday, he would have been 93. He's been in heaven almost 25 years, still miss him a lot.

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Because if they did I'd love to see grandma and grandpa and others that have touched my life that are in heaven

Kenny Chesney - Who You'd Be Today...The song always makes me think of my brother and wonder :(

Such a beautiful message about those that we love, who have passed on, now being our angels. Their spirit is never far from you. Sometimes you just have to get very still and quiet to feel their presence. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

Encouraging #Quotes, #Grief, #Bereavement Walker Funeral Home Cincinnati, OH

Monday you would have been 16-what would you look like? Handsome without a doubt! This is what has been on my mind so much lately. This year so much harder on me than last year.