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I love you Casey!

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sympathy verse to bud who we just lost now your up there with my dad your freind you will be missed bud r.i.p

yeah :'( I hate seeing pictures of him and it makes me remember and think of what he promised me... of what he said. and now he is going on pretending I don't exist nor that I ever was in his life. and that kills me because I try to get over him but all I can do is cry because he obviously doesn't care about or for me anymore... if only he knew how I felt about this, I would feel better because at least he knows what he has caused :'(

And life goes on, but never the same.....❤

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With the losses we've recently had, we are overwhelmed by the massive outpour of love from friends and family. It really is a glimpse of Heaven. XO Never felt more blessed to be surrounded by so many who love us.

It hurts to know that we are gnna have to life the rest of our life without you :(

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Life doesn't just "go on". For the completely absorbed in grief the only aspect of life "going on" is the breathing part.

If you're reading this and are blessed to have your Mom still with you, don't miss the opportunity today to tell her what she means to you and how much you appreciate her. There are no "do overs" in life.

Because if they did I'd love to see grandma and grandpa and others that have touched my life that are in heaven