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  • Stacy Lemery

    Why People Hate Atheists. "Because I was constantly being told that I'm rejecting God, and I knew that wasn't true, I decided to research rejection, which made me aware of its effects. My studies took me in a completely unexpected direction. The evidence indicates that the personal god is a manifestation of the ego, which explains a plethora of theistic tendencies, including their typical dislike of atheists, who theists subconsciously perceive to be rejecting a part of themselves."

  • Minene Uryu

    Why are atheists hated

  • Steven LaRue

    A simple cartoon, for my now-silent gang of Religo-Thugs.

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PP: "Some Atheists are just as bad as Fundamentalists." Granted one thing should be added to the athiest side. "Argues with religions on the Internet."

American biology teachers...we got a lot of work to do! Take a look...second from the bottom! *faceplant*.

#atheist #atheism ~ that is correct d's mother. oh i'm sorry where were you when i was getting attacked... i mean you were stalking me, you just weren't going to protect me. perhaps you should have learned the facts before going all psycho on me! convince him to fix himself and he can have a real relationship with another woman!

***This article sums up what I try to continually point out to haters. The common denominator in horrific crimes is not Christianity/Judaism/Islam, but MEN! Don't sit on your high horse and claim: These are not real Christians, but Muslim are real Muslims. That's hypocrisy! Vile people exists in ALL groups, but do NOT define the whole!

This states my belief so eloquently - thank you to the unknown author

God does have a creator, but it might not be who you think it is. Ironically, it was God who was intelligently designed - not us.

Love of idolatry: The Bloodiest Idolatry That ever desecrated the earth... President John Adams delivered his terrible verdict on Christianity being the "most bloody religion that ever existed" long after such calamities as the Crusades and the Inquisition, but a century and a half before the Holocaust, which took place on Christian lands.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked if I worshipped Satan...

A thoughtful, honest, ethical, intelligent, skeptical thinker.

And religious people found this so offensive they protested it and climbed all over it in a caveman-level gesture of domination and disrespect.