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    Child ABUSE

    not child abuse ?

    Religion is child abuse

    It is child abuse to convince an unprepared and underdeveloped mind that lies are real.

    Child abuse.

    Child abuse

    Child abuse.

    another type of child abuse..

    Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Hell, Torture, Children, Child Abuse. Child Abuse. It isn't always necessarily physical.

    Now we just need all religions to be labeled as an abusive business.

    Name the religion and it applies.

    THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!! Funny because I don't remember Atheist people flying planes into buildings,bombing marathons,covering up child abuse scandals, starting religious wars, etc. etc The list goes on....

    Atheism, Religion, Islam, God is Imaginary, Children, Child Abuse, Women, Bigotry, Sexism, Misogyny, Torture, Death, Murder. She didn't want this... so she got this instead. Islam: The "religion" of destruction.

    Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Children, Starvation, The Bible. These are delicious. Thank you.

    please ask i would love to tell you about the lds cult

    Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, Sin, Children, Child Abuse, Rape, Women, Bigotry, Sexism, Misogyny. You don't have to be a hateful bastard to be part of a religion, but you will be if you stick with it long enough.