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  • Lolo

    Atheism, Religion, Indoctrination, Taught Religion, Religion is a Lifestyle Choice, Children, Child Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Forcing Religion on Others, God is Imaginary, NOT Being Oppressed, Critical Thinking, Religion Harms, Evil, Hitler, The Bible. Cult Indoctrination. Fundy Youth Bible Camp vs. Hitler Youth Camp.

  • Chase

    #9 is my favorite... Totally applies to the mormon church...

  • Mistletoe US

    I never recognized basic mormon practices fall under these categories easily. Amazes me how they slip basic brainwashing techniques in packages so sweetly

  • Robert

    Bible camp vs Hitler youth. And this is why they can't think for themselves and can only robotically repeat their programming.

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religion, child abuse, flaws, psychological harm, Georgia Unity

So, who can we hate? Who do we have every right to be mean to? No one. Not a single person. There is no "except" or "unless" on the type of people Jesus commands us to love. It can be really, really, really hard. Loving people you don't agree with, or understand, is probably the hardest thing most people will ever do. But Jesus wasn't asking if we wanted to, he told us that we have to. He told us that love was our priority. ---This is what Christianity should be.

  • Scott Folker

    Next time read your bible before you bible thumping. Also, before you interpret it the way you want, 2 Peter 1:20.

  • Jonathan Burkhart

    Fact woman is equal in nearly all regards in the bible. Fact; evolution teaches that we would do whatever our instincs would tell you to do, w/o remorse. Fact God didnt kill jonah, the biggest diapointment ever, or satan, or Kaine, or Adam, or Eve, there are endless examples. Sorry "ownership" of what exactly. The oldest religon in the world, which is actually the oldest writen record in the world says other wise.

  • Jonathan Burkhart

    Look, your an aithist, im a christian, i beileve in happy endings, doing good things and being nice and respectful to others. You beileve in a pine box, being kind to those who are on hard times, and thrashing the veiws of others. The difference is over all my life will probably be happier, i might have difficult times but it will pay its self off in the end.

  • Jonathan Burkhart

    You incompedent person, look up the meaning of the word psalms. It means "prayers", its not a scripture, its a prayer journal, the scriptures consist of the new testiment and few books in the old. Its not an interpritation its fact. You probably looked it up on line, hence the out of context part. You know so little about the things your arguing about you cant tell a prayer from scripture.l, how truly sad.

  • Jonathan Burkhart

    Do you even know anything? A prophecy is not a prayer, the psalms are far from the words of a prophet.

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It is child abuse to convince an unprepared and underdeveloped mind that harmful lies are real. #LDS

  • Julie Malcom-Alexander

    I couldn't agree more so get out of the LDS's QUICKLY!

  • Elle Stone

    I'm trying!! They make it hard. Sent in my resignation letter (and then celebrated one of the best moments of my life) a few months ago. Still waiting for them to officially switch my name in their records from member to resigned. They refuse to ever erase your name, which is maddening. Thanks for your concern- it's totally warranted! :) xoxo

  • Sondra Best

    You have to resign from being a Mormon? That's messed up. I so did not know that.

truth... and yet president carter never seems to get any credit for anything... this is yet another reason why a lot of organized religions (i said a lot, not all people) seem to oppress women. Because they are man's interpretation. President Carter, I applaud you for being a feminist and articulating this so well.

THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!! Funny because I don't remember Atheist people flying planes into buildings,bombing marathons,covering up child abuse scandals, starting religious wars, etc. etc The list goes on....

  • Lorissa

    hahaha I love how she said "get off our country" as if we are to use our Atheist witchcraft and levitate off the country.

  • Renee Pierpont

    lorissa didn't you know at a certain level of Athiestisum you gain the power to levitate. :)

  • Cheyenne Jones

    That's it. I'm moving to Canada.

  • Kayla Clyde

    I'm moving to Pluto. Who wants to join?

  • Deejay B.

    Pluto and Canada are to cold! Im going to least i can BBQ everyday! Well at least for an hour before i get crushed or melt o.O

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Look how happy that boy on the ground is. "Hooray! The religious crazies are gone!!!"

I need to remember this the next time those born-agains come around trying to convert me. I already have a church, thank you very much!

  • Jesse Roestel

    Matthew 6-14 “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you," and my personal favorite "psalms 130 3-4  3 If errors were what you watch, O Jah, Then who, O Jehovah, could stand?  4 For with you there is true forgiveness,"

  • Jesse Roestel

    You are correct, that is not the way of Jehovah, he is a forgiving god!

  • Shannon Kershaw

    Hey Bud, I would just let it go. I actually know Angela and she is a good person. Jehovah gave everyone the gift of free will. You and I choose to use our gift differently than others. Our lives and choices have no merit on her life nor do her choices impact our lives. I love you lots bud!

  • Amy Klindt

    Yep- LDS!

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World of Religion - Well designed infographic depicting the demographic breakdown of the World's religions. With the visual depiction, its interesting to see the sizes of Sunni vs Shiite Muslims, atheists, and wiccans. The diminishing circles of #Christian groups is equally fascinating.

The Underlying Belief System of Spiritual Abuse. "Christian circles" do not have to be this way.

  • Elisabeth Read-van't Veer

    To all who still buy into the Adam came first myth, sorry scientifically IMPOSSIBLE. And God made science.

  • Ruby Ruby

    Elizabeth are you doubting the bible?

  • Satan

    Because the bible was made by pre literate men and has been scientifically been proven falso over and over and Ruby, stop being so delusional its annoying the people who stand by reason and logic

  • Elisabeth Read-van't Veer

    Yasmine I agree even if it sounds rather harsh. Just look at the OT - even Jewish professors agree that the-pentateuch was not written by Moses but about 600 years later. That is the start. From there on it is full of contradictions - which if you are God is impossible, mistakes in translations but the worst is the new testament. the church of Rome killed Jesu-Maria and replaced him with saul[paul].

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How a devout lifelong Christian became an atheist in 5 months. Many of us will recognize ourselves in some or many aspects of his story.

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Why teaching children religion is harmful. This kid essentially ignored everything he was taught because his fairy tale is easier than learning.

Does your church or organization have suggestions on just about every area of your life? Are you called to fully trust what they say or teach? What is the consequence if you question them or disagree?

  • Tammy Ruehrmund

    That describes all organized religions I've ever met, especially Catholicism .....