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plasmaborne4rel • 1 year ago

And this is why they can't think for themselves and can only robotically repeat their programming.

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religion, child abuse, flaws, psychological

Child abuse is wrong even if you call it religion.

It is child abuse to convince an unprepared and underdeveloped mind that lies are real.

The abuse of children in the name of religion sickens me.

How to stop your child from becoming atheist

Atheism, Religion, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, God is Imaginary, It's in the Quran, It's in the Bible, Bible Verse, Leviticus, Religion Harms, Death, Murder, 9-11, Hitler. Crusades. Inquisition. Holocaust. 9/11. Religion. Not even once. Why am I so concerned with what people believe? It doesn't hurt anyone to let them believe in religion??

Relationship with god is an abusive relationship!

THIS MAKES ME SO MAD!! Funny because I don't remember Atheist people flying planes into buildings,bombing marathons,covering up child abuse scandals, starting religious wars, etc. etc The list goes on....