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If homosexuals can't get married because it goes against your RELIGION, you can't have cookies because I'M ON A DIET.

I say--I say--what in the--what in the--f*ck. is this sheeit? ~foghorn leghorn

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Homosexuality, LGBTQIA, Bigotry, Homophobia, Civil Rights, Equal Rights, Gay Rights, Marriage. Don't hide behind the constitution or the Bible. If you're against gay marriage, just be honest, put a scarlet "H" on your shirt, and say, "I am a homophobe!"

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Bible. Yes, I question the authority of the Bible. No, you can't show me a Bible verse to prove that I'm wrong.

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Godless Equals Immoral? The fact is that morality is poisoned by holy-hate dunghills of pro-slavery and genocide gods like Yahweh, Jesus and Allah. The Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran enshrine sacred, organized arrogance, intolerance and ignorance. When she said that “people of faith have no monopoly of virtue”, the queen, who is the head of the Church of England, was playing politics. The only reason she conceded that much is that the Church is losing power. > > Click image!