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    • Pat Salera

      This picture has a quote by rick santorum. It is talking about how if you get raped and get pregnant by it you have to keep it and get abort it because it is a gift from god. This reminded of the fishbowl in class today because that was the main topic of it.

    • Jessica Rodriguez-Mullins

      I believe in God, but this mind set is why I stopped going to church.

    • Bunny

      Just for the record, this would push me in the anti religion corner. God arranged for me to be raped?

    • Katie King

      I'm not a fan of abortion but REALLY? WTF is wrong with this man?!

    • Ashley M

      When your wanker becomes impotent, the right approach is to accept what god is giving you. He doesn't want you engaging in sexual activity. No Viagra for you!

    • Monica Birtch

      It's definitly not an easy thing to do but the right one

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    Evolution causes rock and roll, stupidity, pedophilia, and pornography. Asshats!

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    Don't just laugh this guy off. He's trying to redefine rape by saying if a pregnancy is caused by rape it isn't "really" rape because "real" rapes don't result in pregnancy.

    Send them packing in 2014!!!

    And this is also why I refuse to be silent, or be "nice" when I see oppression in all its forms. I will not sit quietly and allow LGBT rights to be eroded further, I will not sit and speak softly about women's rights, and I refuse to be silent about racism. "Being nice" has never changed governments, it has led not revolutions, and it has never given power back to the people.

    The next time you hear someone praising a government, any government, for its granting of liberty and gift of freedom, remember that governments do not give you freedom; God gave you freedom, governments take it away.