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    THIS guy is CRAZY! ~Rape is a gift from God? What a sick twisted man this is!

    2y Saved to Godless
    • Brandy Lynn Johns

      My sincere hope is that Mr. Santorum gets gang-mouth AND ass raped by at LEAST 10 dozen men, all hung like elephants & pumped fulla Viagra; then HE can ".. accept what [his] god is giving... " to HIM. Absolutely disgusting oxygen waster.

    • Susan Allen

      1/2 of these assholes are telling the press that you can't get pregnant from rape ... the others demand you have it.

    • Bunny

      Just for the record, this would push me in the anti religion corner. God arranged for me to be raped?

    • ~☆~ℑasper's Gabby ~☆~

      Rick santorum on rape.... Remember that Rick if a day comes, you get ass raped and recieve a beautiful gift of a STI. You better not seek treatment...

    • Angie Fillangi

      This picture has a quote by rick santorum. It is talking about how if you get raped and get pregnant by it you have to keep it and get abort it because it is a gift from god. This reminded of the fishbowl in class today because that was the main topic of it.

    • Megan Gilland

      Rick Santorum: The only presidential candidate to tell raped women they don't have a choice on the outcome of that rape. Also the only candidate to have an official stance on which sex positions I get to use.

    • Robyn Sheppard

      As long as Republicans remain far more outraged about victims having access to abortion than they are about the horrific crime of rape itself, they'll continue to offend women on a regular basis. Their policies still expose their callus attitude toward the crime and toward women in general. If Republicans had a fraction of the outrage over rape that they do abortion, policies would change and incidence of the crime would likely be reduced significantly.

    • Heather Grey

      Rick Santorum on rape is a gift | santorum-and-his-view-that-rape-is-a-gift-from-god1.jpg

    • Matthew Jandreau

      I hate when religion and politics combine

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    god doesn't, science does!

    Ladies and gentlemen, here is the finest example of logic-disconnect I have ever seen. It's so breathtakingly dumb that it's almost funny. WTH!

    Obama on rape

    Joe Biden

    These same people believe using birth control is a sin. Idiots.


    That's right.


    Tim Tebow and God

    Hence, the dumbing down of America.

    fucking pig..

    Seriously? People voted for her?

    "No, you can’t deny women their basic rights and pretend it’s about your 'religious freedom.' If you don’t like birth control, don’t use it. Religious freedom doesn’t mean you can force others to live by your own beliefs." - President Barack Obama - Thank you, Mr. President.

    ~~Hanged because she bewitched some guys into raping her. See, it's not what you wear, but it's still your fault.

    Wow. What an idiot. Although that may be an insult to idiots.

    Michelle Obama calls killing a half born child a "legitimate medical procedure". www.firstthings.c...

    Opposing access to contraception only leads to more abortion