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    THIS guy is CRAZY! ~Rape is a gift from God? What a sick twisted man this is!

    Ladies and gentlemen, here is the finest example of logic-disconnect I have ever seen. It's so breathtakingly dumb that it's almost funny. WTH!

    How do you turn this fool off??? DB!

    "misogynistic pig."

    These same people believe using birth control is a sin. Idiots.

    Seriously? People voted for her?

    good sign


    Obama on rape

    Joe Biden

    ~~Hanged because she bewitched some guys into raping her. See, it's not what you wear, but it's still your fault.

    While i don't care about others contraceptive choices.... i find this really hypocritical on his part.

    Opposing access to contraception only leads to more abortion

    More crazy stuff spewed in the name of the lord...this guy is absolutely nuts. This is exactly why everyone needs science in the basic curriculum.


    Yes! I don't see how men don't see an attack on reproductive rights as scary as we do. I mean,sure, they can just leave but even a careless man can be hunted down for child support.

    Vote them all out

    Another ignorant Republican pig.

    So very sad that so many people actually followed this man listening to him as a voice of reverence.

    Once the religious zealots are let out of their cages, it's hard to put them back. Vote.