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  • Jon Jenkins

    How ignorant, How ridiculous. This man has no place in politics !

  • Meg Verner

    "When pregnancy is caused by rape...accept what gift God is giving to you."

  • Jessica Rodriguez-Mullins

    I believe in God, but this mind set is why I stopped going to church.

  • Bunny

    Just for the record, this would push me in the anti religion corner. God arranged for me to be raped?

  • Monica Birtch

    It's definitly not an easy thing to do but the right one

  • Angie Fillangi

    This picture has a quote by rick santorum. It is talking about how if you get raped and get pregnant by it you have to keep it and get abort it because it is a gift from god. This reminded of the fishbowl in class today because that was the main topic of it.

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Horrified by the fact that a rapist can sue for custody. Is that a joke? And who in their right mind would give custody of a child to a rapist? Is this the twilight zone?

i want to put this on my bathroom mirror, or somewhere i will always see it just in case i have one of those days wtf? Did she say that? GOP WANTS ABUSIVE CHILD LABOR IN THE USA

She was on her own so I made my move... and told the guys hassling her to back off. They were really crossing the line.

This would have to be the sickest thing ever. Women Vote in Record Numbers .. headline Nov 7th .. Make it Happen!!!

Change, we need some in the house and senate. Vote out the republican road block.

Send them packing in 2014!!!

And this is also why I refuse to be silent, or be "nice" when I see oppression in all its forms. I will not sit quietly and allow LGBT rights to be eroded further, I will not sit and speak softly about women's rights, and I refuse to be silent about racism. "Being nice" has never changed governments, it has led not revolutions, and it has never given power back to the people.

Vote!! If you don't, you give up valuable being the right to complain about the outcome!

Laws introduced in Wisconsin to classify single parenthood as child abuse??? wtf?