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  • Brandy Lynn Johns

    My sincere hope is that Mr. Santorum gets gang-mouth AND ass raped by at LEAST 10 dozen men, all hung like elephants & pumped fulla Viagra; then HE can ".. accept what [his] god is giving... " to HIM. Absolutely disgusting oxygen waster.

  • Pat Salera

    This picture has a quote by rick santorum. It is talking about how if you get raped and get pregnant by it you have to keep it and get abort it because it is a gift from god. This reminded of the fishbowl in class today because that was the main topic of it.

  • Shirley D

    I cannot believe people actually wanted to vote for this man.

  • Cordell

    .wonder if he would say the same thing if it was his daughter that was raped by a non white?

  • Jon Jenkins

    How ignorant, How ridiculous. This man has no place in politics !

  • Verbeana Wonders

    Can Rick Santorum (or anyone else) prove there is a god? Thought not. Wake up people, why are we letting religions tell us what to do? Their imaginary friends are dangerous - - that makes them dangerous.

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I still just cannot believe that they actually reduced vet pensions! - Kiera for We Leave No One Behind

I am a registered independent... but I definitely tend to vote more Democratic than Republican.

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It's laughable that the gender that is the main person in a child's life is considered by republicans not able to make decisions.

Read this and immediately thought Obama, but then asked my sister and mom who they thought said this without saying it was Hitler. Within seconds they both snickered and said Obama. That says something. wtf? Did she say that? GOP WANTS ABUSIVE CHILD LABOR IN THE USA

  • Beef Supreme

    The problem is that conservatives think that they are the only ones who are allowed to speak what's on their minds and everyone else must bite their tongue.

  • Beef Supreme

    You should also read your precious bible too Erin.

  • Paul Bailey

    The bible Erin? The best resource for an intelligent argument,if that argument was being had 1,000 years ago. You need to update your reading,try a science book!

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Slam Poetry: "Sons" performed by Terisa Siagatonu & Rudy Fransisco (Video)

  • Pam Burnette

    Yet another fine example of how F...ed up our society has become.

  • Destiny Gayle

    This poem has such a lasting effect. I used it for a presentation and everyone in the room was silent. Pam, you're so right. Our society is messed up.

  • carlisle arnold

    What makes me sick is when women defend the rape criminals.

  • Dee Watson

    Ugh just so sad that someone can get away with such a disgusting & violent crime just cause they play a sport, is infuriating.

  • Becky Eddy-Wees

    I happen to live in the town this disgusting crime happened. No justice...

Vote Blue! ~ If you don't, they will slowly take all of these rights away from us.

I vote, not only for the better of my country, my family/friends, and my life..but I vote to show my appreciation and gratitude for the many that came before me that not only fought for future generations freedom, but the many that had to fight for their right to vote against the very country they lived in and loved.