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    Being offended doesn't make you right.

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    • Kaelyn Castillo

      People need to be conscious of other's thoughts and ideals is very important. One of my biggest pet peeves is those who are ignorant to anything that differs from their own beliefs. Being well rounded and open to others' views is necessary to live a happy life.

    • Pop Culture Alice

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    • Felicia Alley English

      Things that make you say "hmmm..." great for reflections and sharing.

    • Dianne Oehman


    • Maria Martinez

      Ouch but true! Being offended doesn't make you right

    • Pam Andrew Sullivan

      no it doesn't....amy... truth is truth.

    • Nicky Hampsey

      being offended doesnt make you right

    • Pat

      SO many to say this to...............

    • Bren C

      This is SO TRUE!

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