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    2y Saved to Godless
    • Michelle Farina

      Here is a perfect example of the beureaucratic, corporatized version of religion. Edited out what they wanted, but that doesn't necessarily make what is left valueless. Extrapolate what you can and forge a personal relationship with God if you choose, but never trust anyone or any organization to give you the truth.

    • Carlie N

      But people know this and still think god "used" those people and these events to bring the bible as it is to the present whether or not it is "accurate"

    • Undercover Otaku

      King James version is the most quoted in the United States. The language is lovely, like Shakespeare. It is equally truthful. NOTE: The Bard wrote FICTION.

    • Maka Pejuta Win

      SO WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE?!?!?!?! Those men wrote the Bible to preserve THEIR power!! The bible is not the word of God!!! It is the words of cowards!!!

    • Lolo

      History, Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Telephone, Interpretation, Versions, King James, New Testament, Faith. So, 21st Century Christians believe the "word of god" is a book edited in the 17th Century from 16th Century translations of 8,000 contradictory copies of 4th Century scrolls that claim to be copies of lost letters written in the 1st Century. That's not faith. That's insanity.

    • Rex Blanchard

      Carl Sagan was a scientific atheist. But the Bible is not a modern science textbook. History with the rules of that century, not modern history. Also chapter & verse are modern inventions. History did not need to be told in the order of events but the same events told in such order as to present the theological message.Belief in God & Jesus. Allegory, metaphor, parable, poetry, types, prophecy & mythic literature. Written for nomads, shepherds Not dictated,inspired.

    • Alexandra V

      The King James Bible Truth! Good to know! #faith #bible #religion

    • Peter C. Equality Frank

      The King James version of the #Bible... #atheism

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    “The very concept of sin comes from the bible. Christianity offers to solve a problem of its own making! Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage”-Dan Barker

    Never thought of it in these terms before, but oftentimes this is so true for me!

    Yes you are//

    The Bible

    Atheism, Religion, Heaven. These people are going to heaven. Tell me again why I would want to go to heaven?

    How the bible came to be


    Haha! Hell yes! Fuck basic bitches! I love that my bf & I have our own different interests...we don't like something just because the other one does. 😆 it keeps things interesting! I love it!

    True... and religion continues to dominate women. There is nothing kind, loving about Christianity. All it does is teach people who to be nasty to. That is NOT love!!

    This is so me right now. (I wasn't sure whether to pin this on 'Things that make me laugh', 'cause I'm NOT laughing at the moment!)

    This wraps up how I can do good with out faith.

    There is no difference among these signs. Are you proud of yourself, Christians?