Lake Mcdonald in Glacier National Park.  Sat in a lawn chair and tried to read but it was too beautiful.  I ended up just staring at the Mts.  Wish I'd worn my aqua socks - ouchy rocks.

Lake McDonald Glacier National Park, Montana, it's beautiful! It's my brother's favorite lake.

Glacier National Park, Montana

On the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana. (Photo: Carl Brekjern on Glacier Country Montana)

5 Must-See Places in {or Near} Glacier National Park in Montana.

5 Must-See Places in {or Near} Glacier National Park

A Buffalo Sunrise W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear PEOPLE OF THE MORNING STAR

Bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States, lots and lots of buffalo in northeast section

Glacier National Park, Montana. By Moon River Photography.

Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana. -There is so much PRETTY in Glacier I have no idea how we're going to choose what to see in 2 days.

our idea of drag strips, races between cars, pick up trucks and yes, even TRACTORS! ha ha!  ok, well, there's always horse racing too for the old schoolers.  ;-)

Montana I've wanted to visit Montana since I read Montana Sky, by Nora Roberts Montana 605

13 Experiences you can only have in Missoula, Montana

13 experiences you can only have in Missoula

It may be 500 miles from the sea, but in Missoula you can still surf.

Going to the Sun Highway, Glacier National Park. Montana.  Truly an experience to remember.

Going to the Sun road, Glacier National Park, Montana Road is named appropriately; you truly feel like you're going to the sun.

11 Reasons Why You'll Fall in Love with Glacier National Park

11 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love with Glacier National Park