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Asylum: Inside the Haunting World of 19th-Century Mental Hospitals

Buffalo State Hospital, NY

Webster Wagner House in Canajoharie NY. Inventor of the sleeper car.

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Taunton, MA

Taunton State Hospital built in 1854 in Taunton, Mass. Built according to the Kirkbride plan of mental asylums. The breezeways were added in the 1890's to connect the neo-classical buildings. After abandonment, most of the buildings burned down. The rest were demolished in 2009.

Abandoned & beautiful fairy tale house in Gagra, Abkhasia, Georgia. This type of architecture is fairly common in Russia & the surrounding area.

Buffalo state hospital for the insane

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America's Most Notorious Insane Asylum Hauntings waverly hills

In ruins: Wyndclyffe mansion in Rhinebeck, NY, has been abandoned for over half a century

classic architecture balconies, Barcelona (via ilogicagc.tumblr 13783050915)

One of the scariest haunted hospitals. The hospital is the second largest hand cut stone building in the United States. The hospital was built to hold 250 mentally ill patients. In 1950 the patients numbered 2400. Many were tormented, tortured and believed to be murdered there. Charles Manson once was a resident there. The asylum closed in 1994.