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Aaaaaaall the time! Or the weather. Or my work schedule. Etc. etc.

I'll drink to that.


Funny Minions bed, dealer, sleeping, police, alarm. See my Minions pins


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Haha!! Know the feeling:)

I feel that the cute kitten really helps to soften the blow.

I love food

Funny Friday: 6 Foodie Memes To Make You Smile


true story...haha

Nursing humor and jokes #Nursebuff #Nurse #Humor

Nightly performances

Go Cards!

'Vince @suckmykicks #TGIF Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Too late.


Comedy Plus: Feline Friday


carb loading!

Happy Nurses Week! Nurse humor

YES... I kinda want to make one for my friend Tina's birthday. Lol!