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Crisco Candle for Emergencies - will burn for 45 days. Who knew?

how to make your own emergency 50 hour candles for around $1.62 each! These long burning candles sell for around 20 bucks each.

Keep the flies away - Outdoor Ideas

$45.00 A floating memorial candle can be personalized and will look great at the celebration of life. Keep the candle and light on your loved ones birthday and just when you're thinking and missing them. Make a great floral vase too! Only $45 includes personalized engraving. #memorial gift, #funeral gift, #funeral idea, #celebration of life idea

Remove a splinter with baking soda & water, wish I knew this last summer!

In an emergency a crayon will burn for 30 minutes, good to know.

Soap Pouch - great for camping / emergency / bug out bags

Portable phone charger made out of an altoids case, usb port, and two double A batteries.