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The young Margaret of France (Marguerite de France, Marguerite de Valois, 1553–1615) by François Clouet, c. 1560 She was born Marguerite de Valois, the 6 child & 3rd daughter of Henry II & the manipulative Catherine de' Medici. Three of her brothers would become kings of France: Francis II, Charles IX & Henry III. Her sister, Elisabeth of Valois, would become the 3rd wife of King Philip II of Spain.

ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain PROVENANCE French school, ca 1560, Versailles photo RMN a possible copy of Anguissola portrait

Elisabeth (isabella) of Valois, 1545-1568, eldest daughter of Henri II of France and his queen Catherine de' Medici. Married Philip II of Spain as his third wife at the age of 14. She had 2 surviving daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archduchess of Austria and Catherine Michelle Duchess of Savoy. Died in childbirth.

Catherine de Medici (daughter of Lorenzo) Queen of France as wife of Henry, second son of King Francis I, then Queen consort of France as wife of King Henry II from 1547 to 1559. Henry's death thrust Catherine into the political arena as mother of the frail 15-year-old King Francis II. When he died in 1560, she became regent on behalf of her 10-year-old son King Charles IX and was granted sweeping powers. After Charles died in 1574, Catherine played a key role in the reign of 3rd son, Henry…

The aunt of Mary, Queen of Scots, she was known in France as "the beautiful princess from Scotland," my ancestor, Lady Janet Stewart, was the illegitimate daughter of James IV Stewart, King of Scotland, and his 2nd cousin, Lady Isabel Agnes Stewart. Before her marriage to 3rd Baron of Fleming, she had an affair with King Henry II, of France, and a son by him. "The Affair of Janet Stewart, the Lady Fleming with Henry II of France"

HENRY GREY, Duke of Suffolk, third Marquis of Dorset (d. 1554), father of Lady Jane Grey, eldest son of Thomas Grey, second marquis of Dorset, by Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Wotton, succeeded to the title as third marquis in 1530. He owed his high position at court chiefly to his rank and wealth.With the approval of Henry VIII Dorset married in 1533-4 Frances, the elder daughter of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, by Mary Tudor, younger sister of Henry VIII.

Clouet - Louise de Lorraine - 1571 - Owned by the Collections of the Czartoryski Princes in Gołuchów (Division of the National Museum in Poznań)

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The Duke (1865 - 1936) and Duchess of York (1867 - 1953), later King George V and Queen Mary in costume as the 3rd Earl of Cumberland and a lady at the court of Marguerite de Valois for a fancy dress ball held in Devonshire House.

Coat of arms of Elisabeth of Valois, 3rd wife of Philip II, King of Spain. Chorographie Flanderns in Portraits der Landesfürsten, den Wappen des Adels und des Landes und in seiner Geographie Niederlande 1562 Educationfrom Education

Who Were the Plantagenet Queens of England?

Philippa of Hainault (1314-1369) Queen consort to: Edward III of England (1312-1377, ruled 1327-1377) Married: January 24, 1328 Coronation: March 4, 1330

Elisabeth de Valois. MUSEUM DATA: signed Sofonisba, Anguissola, 1599?, ocation KHM Bilddatenbank Vienna. 3rd wife of Philip II king of Spain. Early portrait before she started wearing Spanish style costume with carcanet necklace and aglets ? Dress has FROGS not AGLETS

ELIZABETH DE VALOIS ~ Daughter of HENRI II & CATHERINE DE MEDICI / by Francois Clouet 1558, 3rd wife of Philip II. Portrait done at French court when she was about 12 years old.She has brown eyes here - she was considered to look at lot like her brother Charles IX king of France. Unconfirmed location of portrait.

CATHERINE OF VALOIS, Queen of Henry V of England, daughter of Charles VI of France by his wife Isabel of Bavaria. After widowhood, wife of Owen Tudor, mother of Edmund Tudor and grandmother of Henry VII.