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We have a lot of pigeons around here. Maybe I can teach a few to be carrier pigeons!

  • Jane Rochester

    I know that these are pretty birds, but they are not good to have around. Not only are they pests, but they carry disease and can leave toxins in their droppings that make people really sick. It is important to get it taken care of quickly if you find you have a pigeon problem.

Jacobin-a fancy breed of pigeons.

Pigeons have been a long part of history before they were trained to be racing pigeons for sale in today’s modern times.

This bird is a Victoria Crowned Pigeon. The crowned pigeon is quite spectacular, being blue in colour and as tall as a turkey (74 cm). It has a large crest of feathers on its head that can be raised - hence its name. It is the largest of all living pigeons and is found in the wild only in New Guinea and some smaller offshore islands nearby. [...]

Raising Pigs for Free: How to Scavenge Food For Your Pigs. Homesteading Series

  • Laurie Antonowicz

    We have 3 three 7 month olds and two 4 month olds. We moved the younger girls into a small coop directly beside the run. They could see each other. We left them like that for a month. We put them into the coop overnight with the big girls a 2 weeks ago. The big girls will not accept them. They chase them. Will it ever get better?

  • Jennifer Kverneland

    i had to give two away because of this. it just did not work out. i think that it is better if they roam the yard instead of living in a coop

  • Carrie Sabo-Kindred

    I put my girls in to a cage inside the coop for several evening and nights. They then finally excepted them

  • Jennifer Kverneland

    So happy it worked for you Carrie. :). It sure was heartbreaking.

Robert Clark/Institute Researchers have found that mutations in pigeon DNA can control a variety of traits, including the directions their feathers grow, like in this Jacobin pigeon. Charles Darwin raised pigeons and was interested in their breeding as an extreme example of domestic selection.

Our follower, @victoria / vmac+cheese has inspired us to take flight this summer. How will you explore your adventurous side? Skydiving? Surfing? Share your summer bucket list in the comments below. #PinoftheWeek 7/13

Raising Pigeons, and Examples of Pigeon Houses | Big Picture Agriculture

Great tutorial on raising and dressing pigeons.