How To Train Carrier Pigeons

carrier pigeons


blue-crowned pigeon

English Setter- Pros: Great child companion, gentle, good watchdog. Cons: Moderate grooming, a bit difficult to train.

In WW2 the British used about 250,000 Homing Pigeons to carry messages, 32 were given the Dickin Medal, the highest possible decoration for animal valor

Jacobin pigeons

Pigeons have been a long part of history before they were trained to be racing pigeons for sale in today’s modern times.


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This bird is a Victoria Crowned Pigeon. The crowned pigeon is quite spectacular, being blue in colour and as tall as a turkey (74 cm). It has a large crest of feathers on its head that can be raised - hence its name. It is the largest of all living pigeons and is found in the wild only in New Guinea and some smaller offshore islands nearby. [...]

Train your chickens to come when called, so you can let them out and get them in anytime you want. Also enables you to call them to safety when predators lurk. If you have multiple flocks, you can train each to come to a different call. Very helpful when you have new pullets free ranging with old flock, and need to get each flock to its own coop.

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Advice on how to train your chickens to go home at dusk and how to get them to lay their eggs in their nest boxes. The Chicken Chick: Coop Training Chickens- Going Home to Roost.

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