Beautiful hand made flute by John Lunn

Inuit Flute – front detail by John Lunn (The flute player in me is dying to try this out)

I need that on my flute

Life is like a flute or an oboe

Flute ♥


♥ It is a beautiful instrument.

"The Dryad's Touch" 18k green gold art nouveau flute.

hello gorgeous :) dream oboe Because I'm an oboist. . . *drooling*

I love it so much!

Hand Painted Guitar

glass flute instrument - Google Search

music instrument? Love this and want one

Bo Diddley’s five speed box guitar. Hand made by Bo himself


Colorful Hand Painted Saxophone. *GASP* I want this so badly!!! I litterally just fell in love with this beautiful piece of art!

I do this with my oboe all the time. all the time!!! especially my reed. How many reeds have I broken like this? idk, too many to count

Beautiful harp

Flute lamp! How awesomely interesting.

Flute Charm

Subcontrabass flute