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  • Donna Mayall

    Simple portrait setup for kids. "I put them in front of a white wall near our front door. I opened the door for light and used a white reflector to pop a bit more light onto their faces. ... I shot with a 50mm lens so that I could fit their faces into the tight space. I use this setup a lot. Memorable portraits don’t have to be fancy!"

  • Stacy Joyce

    ***link doesn't work*** but I want to remember this idea! Simple portrait setup -- need a reflector! You can use an automotive window shade - the pop out kind - which are super cheap at the auto parts store. #photography #tips

  • Caleb Carrla

    Potrait Idea Car shade, blank white wall, open front door for natural light.

  • Christy Wade

    Simple portrait setup with a reflector (scroll to bottom of webpage for links to other photo tips and ideas; this photographer also offers, for a fee, online digital photography processing lessons)

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