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Little White Barn - Autumn Wisconsin

.I truly am going to own a barn home one day! Top is home, bottom is shop/barn! Oh to dream.

.white barn ........I have a thing for barns, any shape condition or size.

Wow this is almost exactly what I've drawn up for my barn - mine is much smaller but I may have to make it like this. I can see me using the loft for sewing!

Can we just take a minute to talk about how freaking GORGEOUS this barn is?!?!? who needs houses? pfft!

Love the barns with quilt blocks painted on them! They are all over Kentucky and simply beautiful! I think I need one on my house. :)

*White barns are pretty too. It is pretty! They were either white or red. Blue,yellow or green does not give a barn the dignity it deserves.

Barn #1 by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson, via Flickr: So Me!!

My dream house has a barn out know for the guest rooms...and Steve's raquetball court. Like I said, it's a DREAM house.

Red Barn, White Silo's, Blue Skies= USA Red, White & Blue