Language revision tips The Telegraph 26 March 2012

Revision tips

Revision Tips

Revision Tips - Make Me A Geek

Where's your favourite place to revise? In the library, in your bedroom, under a tree? It's revision time, and we're thinking of you; revising can be tough! Take a look at our infographic 'Ten Top Tips for Revision Success!' and see if we can help.

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Quirky revision tips ... that work. Try them and see!

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MATHS -Make Britain Count The Telegraph 26 March 2012

Revision aids - A very helpful timetable and some revision information sheets – suitable for Key Stage 4.

Why mindmap? Revision tips #L6FC

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Revision tip - just the act of writing something out can help you remember!

The hardest languages for English-speaking people...

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Infographic of German Language

50 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Languages - Edudemic

Facts from the world of languages #ESL #ELL

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