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Thighs Solver workout - the website is down for some reason but the workouts are floating around...

leg running!!! Yessss!

The link to this is spam but I wanted to keep the pyramid workout so I can try it later

slim down all over + leaner legs, tighter butt

Top Ten Ab Exercises. Should have found this before 2 days before the cruise... never too late to start!

Love Your Legs Workout -Do the routine three times a week on nonconsecutive days, resting for around 30 seconds between sets. (All you'll need is a chair, a 5-pound dumbbell, and a towel.)

Kill Those Legs! •40 jumping jacks •10squats •5 star jumps •15 standing calf raises • 10 lunges (each leg) •:30 wall sit •10 side lunges •5 star jumps •20 inner thigh lifts (each leg) •10 glute kickbacks (each leg) •50 jumping jacks

Best Cheerleading Exercises Pin now read later