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Top 10 Moves for Thinner Thighs

Leg exercises


Good Exercises for Cheerleading and Tumbling

exercises for cheerleading

Perfect Butt! Lie flat on your back with your legs straight, and raise one leg straight in the air. Try not to bend your knee! Then, with your arms and hands flat on the ground, raise your hips off the ground. Hold for five seconds. Repeat ten to fifteen times with each leg. Feel the burn! This is one exercise for your butt you’ll feel right away! It also helps strengthen your core. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Do you want to improve your balance and strengthen your legs? Check out these one legged squats. For all of the details, check out

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Ab Workouts: Our Top 10 Abs Exercises

Top 10 Abs Exercises: Abdominal Hold, The Side Crunch, The Hundred, Opposite Arm and Leg Raise, The Prone Plank, Squat Thrust with Twist, The Climb Up, Ballet Twist, The Single-Leg Stretch, and The Cobra.

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6 Calf Exercises for More Shapely Legs

6 Calf Exercises for More Shapely Legs via @SparkPeople

This is a killer abs workout you can do while sitting down anywhere. If you are at the office and have an office chair with wheels you might want to be careful so you don’t fall over. Position yourself on the edge of the chair and grab hold of the seat just under your legs. Do the crunches by lifting yourself from the seat and bring the knees to your chest.