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  • Andrea Greer

    I need to remember this for our front door when we buy a house!! Lol

  • Caitlin Kliss

    Unless you are selling thin mints... or Girl Scout cookies... This is going to be placed at the end of my driveway at my future home

  • RuthAnna

    No Soliciting sign for the house

  • Holly Chapman

    Want this for my front yard someday! Seriously I just want the Thin Mints! :)

  • Terry Campbell Rosebush

    NO SOLICITING. We are too broke to buy anything. We know who we are voting for. We have found Jesus. Seriously, unless you are selling thin mints please go away!! I want to get this for my house! Too Funny!

  • MaryKate Rust

    This would be really cute to put on a front porch or near a walk way.

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