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20 QUESTIONS : a birthday record for children

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Video Birthday Interview. I'm going to start asking my kid the same questions on his birthday every year.

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{Free Printable} Annual Birthday Questions | Paper Nook

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8 Birthday Traditions to start. So sweet and makes birthdays so special!

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Top 68 Lifehacks and Clever Ideas that Will Make Your Life Easier

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Write your child a letter each year and add some $ to the envelope. Then give your child all the envelopes for graduation. A keepsake and some cash!

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Krazy Kiddos

This company takes your child's drawing and makes it into a real toy. such a lovely idea!

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24 questions to ask your kids for Mother's Day Answers are pretty funny!

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30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids. This really is one of the best things I've found on Pinterest. Such an amazing list of things to do for/with your children to show them what wonderful little people they are!

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ask the same 20 questions every year on your child's birthday and then make a book out of all the answer sheets with picture.

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Birthday interview: do this each year

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20 questions on their birthday

Lansdowne Lifefrom Lansdowne Life

Kids birthday interview questionnaire: FREE printable form

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Questions to ask your child on each birthday. Goes up to age 18. Cute idea!

The House of Hendrixfrom The House of Hendrix

20 ways to fill your child's love tank on their birthday

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Boys 10Th Birthday Party Ideas

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The energy I used to spend on big birthday parties is now spent on one simple thing...making my child feel extremely loved and special on their birthday. Here are some unique ways we've done that.

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Birthday Questions Printables for Kids. Then put each year in a little scrapbook!

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HoneyBear Lanefrom HoneyBear Lane

25 Ways to Make Your Child's Birthday Special

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25 ways to make your childs birthday special

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Children's Nightime Drawing Journal - Each night have your child draw a picture of their favorite part of the day. Then write a caption about the picture.

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20 Questions : The New Birthday Interview Book for Kids

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Teaching children how to build their relationship with God at an early age. Tips for praying with kids

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Instead of giving kids an arbitrary allowance, they can pick what tasks they want to do and earn as much money as they choose. Dave Ramsey talks about this...very cool.