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the crafters sizing guide PDF file from Cathe Holden of justsomethingimad... two rulers, diameter circles - standard and metric. Very useful. #crafters printable #free printable

How to Get a Smooth Polyurethane Finish - learn how to get a flawless, smooth-as-glass finish on your furniture and woodworking projects.

Pocket screws are used with a boring machine that drills holes slanting horizontally through the face of wood. The "pocket" is the hole where the screw head fits. Normally, pocket screws have a small head to fit down inside the hole, but you can use drywall screws if you take a minute to size the end of the hole with a drill. You can adapt any...

Woodworking: Must-have measurements for comfortable seating

How to use a lathe.

DIY Tip of the Day! Here’s a tidy way to pour exactly the amount of finish or paint you need. Pry the lid off a gallon can, wipe it clean and clamp it face down to a piece of plywood. Cut a hole with a 2-3/4-in. hole saw. Next, pry the spout off a laundry detergent bottle and insert it in the hole in the lid and seal it in place on both sides with silicone or hot glue. Tap the top back on the can and use as needed!

How to Sharpen Tools on a Bench Grinder A bench grinder is all you need to turn rusty old hardened-steel tools, like cold chisels and punch...

How to Make Your Own Concrete Steps. Projects and tutorials for making cement steps for your outdoor space.

12 Tips for Faster, Smoother, Better Sanding - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker

how to join wood without a pocket jig

Build an "outdoor living room": www.familyhandyma...

A DIY Guide to Painting Your Car - Popular Mechanics

❧ How to cut large circles on the table saw Amazing technique that would work well for round table tops or bar stool seats.

It’s Hip to be Square |

Learn how to #joints from the original #cabinetry masters in this book from 1922! Read Modern #Cabinet Work on the DIY Collaboratorium's #Woodshop Books page.

Copy Center Project Patterns

Home Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Marking knives, scribers and pencils, like all woodworking tools, have proper roles and must be understood to be used effectively.


Wood Butter - super easy to make wood conditioner

Cut with a Drill

How to Build Floating Stairs - Handy Father

How to Refinish Wood Floors (without sanding) ill be glad i repinned this some day! :)

wood hinges