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Wow...! To easy to make...! Sand block Wow...! Tan fácil de hacer...!

Wooden Castle Blocks: These are very sweet.

When mounting corner blocks to reinforce a frame or case, use a clamp block on the outside to provide a flat surface for secure clamping and to prevent damage to parts. For example, to mount corner blocks on the table shown, make a clamp block with a notch from 3/4"-thick scrap. Then glue and clamp the corner block in place. Now drill the mounting holes. (We used a combination drill and countersink bit to do this.)

Block planes: Perfection comes .002" at a time Uses: Flush-trim edges on parts joined with a machined dovetail; clean up sawn edges to be glued; chamfer tenon ends and panel edges for easy insertion, see photo; clean up cross-grain cuts, such as mitered ends on hand-sawn frame pieces; trim ends or edges that stand proud of an adjacent workpiece; make drawer side edges flush with the drawer front.

Quick fix to when you are in need of a sanding block, and all you have is sanding paper.

Good tip from Wood magazine about clamping corner blocks.