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Edge Sanding Block

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Katana Edge Banding Router Bits

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make your own sanding blocks

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Cut narrow strips with a sliding jig. To make the jig, attach a 5-in.-long strip of wood, 1/16 in. narrower than the width of the desired rip, to the end of a 1x6 as shown. Basically you're creating a horizontal push stick. Add a handle near the end of the jig to give yourself better control as you run the jig through the saw.

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Sanding block


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Lazy Susan Tool Caddy

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Belt Sanding Block

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DIY Stacking House Blocks

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When a stop block is clamped by a single T-bolt, it has a tendency to rotate. An anti-rotation strip can be added. This is a small piece that fits snugly into the T-slot. Make this from a strip of wood that is the exact width of the narrow part of the slot, and is no thicker that the shoulders of the T-slot. This stop block incorporates an anti-rotation strip.



Edge Banding With Iron-On Veneer Edging - Article | The Family Handyman

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Blade Rack

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DIY - Woodworking Sanding Block

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diy color block clock // Almost Makes Perfect

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Homemade sanding blocks

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Piston Stop Block

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Quick fix to when you are in need of a sanding block, and all you have is sanding paper.

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Photo transfer onto a wooden block

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How to Add Edge Banding to Plywood





assemble a simple cross cutting jig with a stop block for your table saw. use it to quickly and accurately make repeat cuts.

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