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    Start Seedlings Frugally, How to Garden Cheaply

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    Recycled Newspaper Pots to start your seedlings off.

    DIY Eco-Friendly seedling pots.

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    Seed Starting

    Supplement your seedlings with liquid fertilizer to give them the best start. Contributing editor Barbara Pleasant provides everything you know to start seeds indoors and give your food garden a great head start this season.

    Self-Watering Planters For Starting Seeds

    Getting Started with a Butterfly Garden

    Garden starting.

    Develop a seed starting schedule so you know the optimum time to start your seeds. A seed-starting schedule provides a guideline of when to sow seeds and when to transplant seedlings the vegetable garden.

    18" Starter Grow Light Stand | Full-spectrum Grow Lights for Seed Starting

    reuse for seed starting

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