YW camp - menu schedule

Cute girls camp idea!

More ideas of Girls Camp.

Personal Progress for Girls Camp

YW Girls Camp Song - SUPER fun!! The blog shows this video, plus a slow video with the hand motions step by step and then it also posts the lyrics to the song http://fargostakeywcamp.blogspot.com/2014/04/something-fun-yw-camp-cups-song-and.html

Girls Camp "Blow Dryer"

lots of printables for YW and Personal Progress (cute for our YW and their goal of a beach trip...)

CUTE YW handouts

Girl's Camp Award Sheet and excell list of awards and prizes

First Aid Flashcards for girls camp

girls camp

So Fun for an Activity or Girl's Camp

something to remember for girls camp, swag bags for the girls when they arrive. camp shirt, schedule, lanyards, treat.

Tons of YW camp ideas and links

Girls Camp Certification

YW Sample Girls Camp Schedules

Girl's Camp Certification Punch Cards

YW Camp training...girls camp review


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